Sunday, May 11, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I guess it's been awhile, eh? There are a few things that have been keeping us quite busy this past little while...(Even though I hate this picture, I love my husband, so this is the one I picked to post.)

First, I got to walk at graduation on May 1st for a Master's degree! I had a lot of family there, and that was great. The whole thing was half exciting, half REALLY anticlimactic, as I am not actually done until early to mid August. (Why do they only do one graduation the whole year? I walked for my undergrad in August, when I actually graduated.) It's making it a little tough to stay motivated through the summer to finish my giant capstone project. However, that brings me to the next item-my internship. I started my summer internship at the SLC VA hospital by the U. They have kept me incredibly busy so far, and it looks like it will be like that all the way until August! I come home totally exhausted, but really enjoy my days while I'm there. I find myself actually a lot more comfortable stepping in there than I thought I would be!

Jeff is now in the very last phase of the testing/hiring process with SLC PD. The background investigator came to our house the other day, and now all that he has left is the chief's interview. We are trying hard not to expect it, but his chances are looking good all around. He probably won't find out until the end of May or later... Ugh! Everything there takes forever. Jeff, though, being the amazing dude that he is, has already put it for some other tests to get the ball rolling now in case he needs to look elsewhere. He's always prepared!

Between that, Jeff's work and testing, moving our families and prepping for baby, Jeff and I don't get out much (oh yes-don't forget the Jazz's contribution to that - Go Jazz!) We don't mind too much, though. We're now looking forward to our next OB appointment, which is on the 19th-we SHOULD be able to find out the gender of our little baby. We're hoping!

Also, a little shout out-happy birthday this Wednesday, Jeff!!!