Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#3 is a...

At the last minute (for me) we decided to have a little gender reveal party. Tues, the 17th, we had our big ultrasound to measure, check for all fingers and toes, and the *ahem* stuff. First, I'd like to mention that everything looked great. I've been much more aware of and worried about complications this pregnancy; I can only guess that this is a result of our miscarriage. With my first 2 lovies, I totally took it for granted that they would just grow right up and out to be perfect little chillins. So, this ultrasound, coupled with the (normal) results of our blood screening test 3 weeks ago, have been a nice load off my mind.
Sooooooooooo, we went in for our ultrasound and bada boom, bada bing- there it was on the screen! Jeff and I both saw before the Tech told us...

That there is a boy, and proud of it! He wanted to make sure we knew! I do confess, we both cheered in the ultrasound room.

This was actually the first image, and still my favorite. Curled completely up like a potato bug ball.

And here are the cute little profiles - you can see one opened and one closed mouth.

We were supposed to have a cute little swallowing video, but the tech must have picked the wrong file, cause we only have one short video of arms moving in and out of focus.

I know you can never actually infer real traits of the child at an ultrasound, but I am going to include the list of things I infer about this little boy from this ultrasound. :)

1. He will be very active. He was so wiggly the whole time, and literally never stopped moving.
2. He is proud to be a boy's boy! We struggled forever to get this profile, or that heart shot, but he revealed his boy-ness loud and proud!
3. He'll be tall. His measurements put him a few days larger than his due date.
4. He's an eater!!! When the tech measured his belly, she said "this is his stomach-you can see it's full." and later, "this is his bladder, it's also full of fluid." He's already getting in good practice for his boys-eat-all-the-timeness. (eek!)

So, we headed home to have our party, and we had a perfect sized turn out, just missing a few people we love.

Everyone cast their vote when they came in. (The final tally was Boy-7, Girl-5, Other-1. Thanks Ryan!)

Pink girl blanket versus blue boy blanket, plus the "Police Line, do not cross" in front of the special-surprise cupcakes.

Blue inside!

Grandma Chris was so sure she knew, that she bought this on the way to the party!

We're too excited (Jeff the most of course!) and we just can't wait. Now, I have to go start on a baby boy room...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby pic!

I have been meaning to take a belly pic since 13 weeks - I was already showing baby by that time. It's taken me 5 weeks to get it done! Here is the monster belly at 18.5 weeks. (Don't mind my stupid face.)

You can see I popped way out nice and low. Now, it's spreading up and steadily taking over! I'm not in a rush to be more huge and uncomfortable, but confession time: I can't wait for the belly to firm up a bit. If you've been pregnant, you know that at first it's just more like a jiggly, fat, rolly belly than like carrying a babe.

Now, only 3 more days until we find out the gender!! Stay tuned.