Thursday, August 25, 2011

North Family Staycation

As I've mentioned before, we had some troubles with our planned vacation time with Jeff's family, so we ended up having some staycation time. We all started our plans Wed, the day that Jeff, kids and I rolled in from Delta with my fam. We met at Liberty Park for some playground and splash pad hours. We split and reconviened for dinner at Chris's (my bday dinner) where we played a new game and had a lot of loud fun!

Thursday brought us to Temple Square, picnic lunch at Gallivan, and then the Church History Museum. (Can you tell from the pics that we liked the dancing skirts the best? Hannah didn't want to dance for some reason.) We also stopped into the Library for a bit.

That night, we went up Millcreek Canyon, had a fire, and ate hot dogs and s'mores for dinner. I always love a night up the canyon! The kids did, too. (By the way, there are too many pictures, so by the time I uploaded these fire pics, there was definitely no putting them in order... sorry!)

(Did you catch it? Somewhere in those pictures, you can see evidence that Dave siphoned a soda can of gas from his car... and threw it on the fire!)

Friday, we went to Iggy's for lunch, then Discovery Gateway. We ended up buying a 6 month membership that we have already used again, more than once.

We made time to stop at the fountains afterward.

We all had dinner on our own that day, then met again that night at the Drive-In to see Smurfs and Zookeeper. That was fun, but a little hectic with so many kids.

By the end of that week, we were exhausted and we gladly did a whole lot of nothing on Saturday to recover!