Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hair cuts! And other cute pics.

My little cuties all got haircuts! Amelie's long hair was beautiful, but after numerous requests to chop it off (brushing it hurt too badly) I finally conceded. Good news is, it also looked adorable. Carson man got his first haircut, too - just a trim around the sides so he wasn't shaggy. That, of course, meant Sissy couldn't be left out, so she got a little pixie cut, too!

F13 - Princess Breakfast and EPCOT

We started our day at EPCOT with a princess breakfast, which the girls loved, of course. Carson was a little mesmerized with all of the pretty princesses. Some favorites were Turtle Talk with Crush from Nemo, the aquarium stuff, touring the countries and sampling foods from a few.


Rapunzels meet

F13 - Studios and Animal Kingdom

I included our day at Animal Kingdom, not because it was the same day, but because apparently I did not take a single photo that day. Those highlights included the Boneyard play area, Everest, the fun parade and some Chinese food, yum!
Our day at the studios was fun, with highlights being the Disney Junior show for the kids, Jeff got to be in a filming demonstration, visiting my former workplace - the Great Movie Ride and the Toy Story Mania ride (though we agreed... not quite worth a two hour wait.) We ended the night (and the trip) with Fantasmic, which was a great show and last hurrah.

That is one hot and tired dude!!


F13 - Our Rest Days

We had to intersperse two resting from parks days, and we were all glad that we did. On our first, we mostly vegged at the house, swimming, napping, etc, and Jeff and I also took care of some paperwork that got our little house under contract, yay!! What a lovely birthday present. We also ate at the T-Rex restaurant and browsed Downtown Disney.
The second restful day, we misjudged the time and missed church, drove around one of my old neighborhoods, went to the (nice-turned-stormy) beach, got some gator jerky and went back and swam some more at the house.
I also have to mention that more than once, we hit up the local Checkers. Anywhere else, this means auto parts, but in FL, this means awesome burgers and the best chili cheese fries that will ever pass your lips.


F13 - Magic Kingdom, and... My first day of being SO old!

On Aug 1, my THIRTIETH birthday, I was awakened with coffee cake (my fave) and bubbly. I made us take a picture drinking sparkling cider that early in the morning because of aaaallllllll the different kinds of alcohol glasses our house had. We decided to do Magic Kingdom that day and had a blast. All of it except for when we actually truly lost Alisa for a half an hour. That was very not my favorite. A very kind family found her and security got us together. For lunch/dinner-ish we ate at the Be Our Guest restaurant which is in the Beast's castle. We'd been trying to get reservations for 6 months but never could, so when we got there and missed lunch time, I was pretty sad... but Jeff worked his magic and got all 9 of us in on a last-minute opening. It was delicious and the theming inside was amazing. Amelie, dressed as Belle, said "Everyone will think I'm the real Belle!" Alisa, on the other hand, slept for over half of the time there, poor tired girl.

We visited all the new Fantasyland, and Belle's storytime thing, which was a big hit. The girls were both in it - Amie was Maurice and Sis was Chip - and loved every second. By the end of this day we were pretty dead.




Florida 2013 - Universal Studios

For probably 6 months, we planned on a trip to Florida in the summer. Our family of 5 went with my sis Jaimie, my niece Stacey, and my brothers Ricky and Mark. We flew in at different times, but the kids were really pretty good on the plane. (We totally almost lost Amie at the airport while we were rushing to a connection - scary!) We got a steal on a rental home that was 5 bedrooms, fully live-in ready, had all the baby accessories AND its own pool in the backyard. That was very nice, though it did take us a bit to drive to the parks each day.

The first day, we went to Islands of Adventure (a Universal Park.) It was, after all, July 31, which is Harry Potter's birthday. We did most of the stuff through the whole park, but ended up spending a large fraction of the day in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, of course. My pregnant self took the kids to Seuss Landing to entertain the kids and snag some pics (for Carson man's bday) while everyone else did crazy rides. We had lunch at the Three Broomsticks, all got butterbeer, spent time in both Zonko's and Honeyduke's, and toured Hogwart's while waiting for the (awesome) ride. (Note the girls were in their Harry Potter shirts.) It rained on and off, which left us doing the ponchos on and off, but between the late night arrival the night before and the crippling humidity, we turned in comparatively early. Such a fun day!