Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Camera-less update

I've been wanting to post about lots of things, but have been waiting on my camera. I finally accepted the fact that it's never going to wake up again. I'll have to put my memory card in someone else's to retrieve the pictures... Until then, here's a little bit about what's been going on for us.

Jeff hurt his knee playing basketball some weeks ago. It never got better, so he went in to see a GP, who told him he thought the meniscus (sp?) was torn. If it wasn't better after a week and his instructions, he'd need to see an orthopedist. Well, before even a week, Jeff called back for a referral, cause it got worse still. At the ortho, the x-rays showed that Jeff's knee cap lives off to the side where it rubs directly on the bone. This is good and bad because A) he only needs physical therapy and not surgery, yay! but B)it's started a small bone spur, bleh. So, he's been going to PT for a few weeks now and has a follow up in 2 weeks or so. Here's hoping! Jeff doesn't love the PT-including shock therapy-but is psyched cause he hates light duty at work AND needs to keep his vaca for when we have the baby.

As for me, I've been doing lots of shopping and crafting to get ready for Christmas. We're pretty much done with everyone for Christmas, except we haven't gotten anything for Amie yet! Next paycheck. (This whole PT twice a week thing set back out budget a bit.) I've also been making things, but I won't say what, cause chances are one of them is for you or someone you know! No spoilers.
I'm feeling ok these days, just lots of heartburn, reflux, etc. (Yum!) I get pretty sore in funny places, too, like every single day, but I have remained faithful to my wake up, exercise, read, get ready in the morning program. Loosely faithful, anyway. I've done it every single day, but you may occasionally find me switching up the order, snoozing after a particularly late night, or only doing stretches for exercise when the soreness is too intense. I also recently went to Denver on a day trip for my father's business. Fun, but a little too non-stop. Otherwise, I just truck along in my daily routine, which will soon include watching my 2 nephews twice a week.

Amelie has turned into a little fireball. Now that she is a pro at walking, she can not sit still. Church is becoming more difficult to get through, and going to movies with her are totally out of the question. Of course, the phase does come with some adorable perks. She is the world's cutest dancer! Anytime she hears music, she shakes her booty... and I mean that literally. She shakes her little butt to the beat, and I have no idea where she got that from! She has even been awakened from a nap by a cell phone song and sits straight up, immediately dancing. So cute! Finally, my favorite new addition to her repertoire is the singing. She'll do it anytime the people around her are singing, just wah wah wahing along. She even waves her arm sometimes when we're singing hymns at church. I love that munchkin!

As for Alisa, things have been going just fine. She's growing on track, and kicking like no other! She's a wiggly little thing-maybe she'll be a dancer like Amie. Dr. Brown and I even decided to postpone going from 4 to 2 week visits one extra time, cause everything looked perfect! I certainly look bigger this time, though. (It is also hard to believe, but my weight gain is on the same track as my pregnancy with Amelie.)

And, I just have to throw this in there-I'm so excited for the upcoming holidays! Holler!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Amelie's first birthday!!

I can't even believe Amelie is already 1 year old! In a way, it's so fun and I love to have her older, able to do things and communicate a little better, but it is going by SO fast! (Of course.) We had a Pretty in Pink Party for Amie the Saturday before her birthday, and it was well-attended by family and good friends (though not everyone wore their prettiest pink...) We had all pink foods (I didn't get a photo,) presents, a pinata and a picture frame to sign (I never noticed the continuation of the "P" motif til just then.) My camera was MIA, so I scrounged pictures off of others (Thanks Vanessa!) Luckily, we got everything between everyone.

The pictures are all out of order, but I didn't have the fire to rearrange them one by one, so look from bottom to top. :) You can see I had to help lots with opening presents, but she got the hang of it after awhile. She thoroughly loved all the toys she got! (When I was un-packaging everything, she had the musical ones all lined up and would push one button after another, making them all make noise at the same time.)
She also knows how to put away a cake! No problems there.
Then the pinata. That was fun-we had to go all the way up to the 20 yr olds before it broke! (I didn't put pics up of everyone, sorry. There were lots.)

We also had a celebration at my mom's, but said camera is dead, so those pictures will have to come later... Enjoy!