Thursday, May 1, 2014

Valentine's Day

This year was my turn to plan Valentine's Day, but we didn't know whether I'd be pregnant or have a newborn or what! So, I kept it pretty low key. We started out with pink heart pancakes and heart bacon, then the girls had gymnastics and brought valentines to the kiddos there. We had some Iggy's for lunch, and then I can't really recall the afternoon for the life of me! We came home to the usual heart attack and jammies from grandma. I decided to go with a family dinner for the first time this year. I made steak, twice baked potatoes, roasted broccoli, bubbly with strawberry hearts and chocolate dipped berries. It was really fun (until Carson wanted to play with the flutes, but what else could we expect?)

Acey Baby's first 3 months

Acelynn is just over three months old now and it is flying by! Life is definitely crazy with 4 kids, but I am truly doing my darnedest to savor these little baby moments, cause this sweet one is my last. It is hardest to remember at around 4 am when she wants to get up, but... it is actually nice snuggle time where there is no one else tugging on me, and nothing waiting to be cleaned or cooked.
I only really had that not-even-close-to-enough-sleep-delirium phase for a few weeks.  Jeff is great at helping get up with her at night once he can bottle feed her (I was only able to nurse her for about 2 weeks) and then she got a pretty decent schedule going.  For the past few weeks she has actually been sleeping from around 9 or 10 until 5 or 6.  I can not complain about that!  She'll still occasionally wake but will go back to sleep after a bottle.
Ace had some good solid laughs at 2 months, but we have a hard time recreating them and I have never been able to record them. It seems she will only tickle once, then just stares at you amused-like. She can hold her head up well and is just barely starting to tolerate sitting in the bumbo chair or laying on the baby play mat for a few minutes at a time.  She's got an adorable smile she likes to show you when you talk to her, and has really amped up her spit-up abilities in the last month, yuck.  At her two month appointment, she was average for height, in the 50's, but only 17th percentile for height!  Short and chubby.  She's definitely a chunker.

Family Days

These are just some random family days we've taken together, whether out or at home.  We sure love family time and are relishing this stage where our kids still do, too.

The Little Gym

At the beginning of this season, Amelie decided that she wanted to try something besides dance, so I found a class at the Little Gym.  After just one day of dance, Alisa decided the same and I can't say I minded having them both in the same class again. They have been loving gymnastics! Lisie just loves the physicality, getting the chance to release aaaaaaallll that energy, and Amelie is a natural, plus she really takes to the format there, soaking up the instruction.

One week, Lisie was doing her own thing (as usual) and fell off the low parallel bars.  I tried and tried to put off taking her to the ER, but when it became clear the cut was deep, and that no one else would do it, we had to take her up to Primary Children's Hospital for some staples.

Ew!!  She was a trooper, Jeff said.  He had to leave work to take her, cause I said there was no way I was doing ER by myself with four tiny kids.

Now, Amelie is saying she's thinking something new for next season.  She suggests horses, but if my preliminary research on pricing tells me anything... I don't think so.... We'll see!