Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Festivities

We had a long, lovely Halloween season, as always, with Witches' Night Outs, various parties and events, numerous costumes for everyone.  Here are all the highlights:

Witches Night Out at Gardner Village with all the witchy cousins!

A trip to the pumpkin patch

At a coworker's party

 Trick or treating through the neighborhood
My secret sister came!!
 Family party

As you can see, the kids cycled through various costumes.  Amelie was Frankie Stein, Merida and once a pirate.  Alisa was Frankie Stein and Merida. Carson was Thing 1, a basketball player and once a little Hawaiian dude. Jeff was rarely dressed up, but once he had to go straight to work from a party so he was a cop, then another time I got him to be the baker to my bun-in-the-oven costume, complete with due date on the timer... get it?! And I had a nice maternity (ie, lazy) witch as well.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amelie's 5th - cowgirl style

My oldest little baby turned 5 last month! She had a cowgirl themed party at Wheeler farm, where they roped the horse, fed ducks and had a wagon ride. (her boyfriend from last years preschool, jack, came-she was thrilled! )
That evening just happened to be my assigned night for the opera (season tix my amazing hubs got me for my bday.) I didn't want to leave Amie on her special night so we made it a big girl's fancy night. She choose olive garden for dinner, then she went in the fancy dress, heels and purse grandma Chris took her to get. She was veeeeery good, especially considering it was a modified show with very little to look at.
My angel girl is super smart, able to blend read, still enjoying her dancing/singing group and is very very girly. She is a super help to me with all the kids being little. She loves playing with her siblings, entertaining them, and really likes it when I tell her she's in charge. She's still into princesses and also likes monster high and really wants a pet. I am so blessed to have this angel!

Funny things the Norths say... First installment

It occurs to me that this North household has been hopping in the comedic one-liners lately. I've been wanting to post this forever, but have been trying to compile a good list. Here are a few for your blog-time enjoyment.

-Rolling over in his sleep, hugging his pillow, sighing and shaking his head "Oh, Arnesky..." (Neither of us know any Arnesky's.)
-Sits straight up in the middle of the night. I ask "what are you doing?" I was met with my favorite response ever: "I'm getting ready to go to tiny church." That's right folks, tiny church!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!
-Sleepy again "sorry, I think my car's poisoning me."

- To a member of my ward choir during practice (I'm the director) "Go back a little farther, like 'up your.' " Not kidding. I couldn't stop laughing for a very very long time. Kinda impedes your practice.

-Asks where mommy is, dad says 'at work.' "We have to go save her!" (Yes, please!)
-I walk in to get her out of the crib in the morning, her hand is in her mouth. "mommy, I'm eating my hand." "What?" "I'm eating my hand!" "Why are you doing that?" "It's so good!"
-Daddy's calling her to come get dressed, she puts her face down in the floor "but I can't find you, daddy!"

-"UUUUUUUUNNNNGG!" That girl grunts and groans like a full grown man! I think all her noises are very funny.
-We SWEAR she imitates what we say. So far we've heard versions of Amie,

Carson man turns 1!

Our Carson man hit his 1 year birthday!  I decided long ago to do a Dr. Seuss themed party, which I think was so fun.  I usually make just about everything for my kids parties and work on it for weeks, but working full time, plus a second job, plus selling/buying a house and not to mention being pregnant, I didn't do quite as much this time. Mostly, I just got super lucky (read blessed) and happened upon a big clearance of Seuss stuff.  And we were in Seuss landing only a month before! Carson's souvenir from our FL trip just happened to be this Thing 1 shirt, which he wore on his big day.  Love this sweet little kid so much!

At one year, Carson is walking, feeding himself (he likes pretty much anything!) and drinking soy milk like his sister did at that age.  He sleeps really well, with a terrible night every once in awhile.  He babbles a lot, but the only words he says with meaning are maybe mama and dada and definitely owie.  He recognizes lots of words though and responds, as well as communicates well by showing you what he wants or doesn't.  He gives kissies, snuggles, claps, high fives, strokes your face "soft", and loves to throw balls, ride his toy car and chase after his sisters.  And, I finally got my green-eyed kid! (I think.) We totally adore him and couldn't imagine life without him.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hair cuts! And other cute pics.

My little cuties all got haircuts! Amelie's long hair was beautiful, but after numerous requests to chop it off (brushing it hurt too badly) I finally conceded. Good news is, it also looked adorable. Carson man got his first haircut, too - just a trim around the sides so he wasn't shaggy. That, of course, meant Sissy couldn't be left out, so she got a little pixie cut, too!

F13 - Princess Breakfast and EPCOT

We started our day at EPCOT with a princess breakfast, which the girls loved, of course. Carson was a little mesmerized with all of the pretty princesses. Some favorites were Turtle Talk with Crush from Nemo, the aquarium stuff, touring the countries and sampling foods from a few.


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