Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mini Update

Well, another doctor appointment, another week without a baby! Today I went in, very curious to see how it was going after my last appointment. She reviewed "3+ cm, about 75% effaced, but still high up." And this week, she said "I can stretch you to a 4... about 70-80%" Not as encouraging as I'd hoped, but not too bad. She also said "I can still bounce the baby up, so she's not engaged yet." (I'd like to know, are those key words "stretch" and "bounce" the reason that exam was so painful?) Again she told me she's on call tonight and Sunday, if we could work that out. She did also tell me that if I make it to next week's appointment I need to bring my bag with me, she won't send me home if I'm at a 5. It's comments like that that get me all worked up to wait! I'd rather be prepared, though. No roadside deliveries for me, please.

Well, that's it. Another day. Maybe I'll get a shift in at work after all!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Using the little grey cells

You may or may not know that I started working at the University Hospital in the past few weeks. I know, I'm crazy, right? (I'm actually pretty tired of hearing about that, so leave those comments on someone else's blog.)

We saw the job posting back in November, and though I was very hesitant, I applied. The position was a PRN Recreation Therapist for the Psych ward at the U Hospital. Many pros and cons, jsut from that information. First, the pros-this would use my degree and certification (which we've paid lots for) and keep my licensure up to date (not to mention my mad therapizing skills...) Also, it was PRN, meaning I would only fill in as needed for the full time RT's. That was ideal for me, I am NOT looking for a full time, or even part time job. Not anytime soon. It would, get me out of the house more, that's a plus. As for cons-well, I wasn't looking for any job at all, to be honest! I like being home with my daughter, and we get by on our income just fine. Also, I NEVER EVER thought I'd enjoy work in an acute psychiatric unit. It's just what you think-people coming in off attempting suicide, schizophrenics and manics out of control, and much much more, in a lock down setting. However, I have a whole different perspective from this place-some people do it right, and some people do it for the paycheck. I love the unit! So anyway, I became more and more comfortable with it throughout my interviews, and got offered the job. I immediately accepted and started training Jan 11th. I spent my time training on the unit until I felt comfortable, and now I am just waiting. :) I'm hoping to get at least one shift in before I have the baby and can't work forever, but no one's been sick yet. They've been really great, though, and just told me to call them when I'm ready to come back! Other than dealing with all the vaccinations and things I'm supposed to get, it's been great! I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and think I'll end up staying there a long time. (It's the best that I don't ever have to work, my schedule's pretty much up to me.)

PS-keep reading, I did another post right before this!

Valentine's Day :)

Seeing as Alisa is due on February 15th, we thought we might not get much of a Valentine's Day and decided to do ours early.

I got tickets to see Carmen (the opera) on Jan. 18th for Christmas, so we decided to make that the night. We made reservations at a nice restaurant downtown that we'd been wanting to try, Christopher's, and it was only about 2 blocks from the theater. We had a DElicious meal that stuffed us to the brim (seriously, it hurt to breathe-not like there was much room in my torso to begin with.) We also got the prime table at the fireplace cause my dad made friends with the manager, which was awesome cause it was quite a windy, cold night.

It wasn't very busy that night, so we finished pretty quickly, but decided to just go over early rather than try to find parking again. It was Jeff's first opera, and my first time seeing Carmen-I'd been wanting to forever, as it's one of the most famous and I've sung quite a few pieces from it. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Props to Jeff-it's hard not to fall asleep during an opera, and this one was 3 hours long. Even after that huge meal, we both made it no prob. Although, I can't remember being so uncomfortable after that long in those chairs. As for the show, they were very talented and I was happy with it, though I did feel they should have danced more, or at least Carmen.

We had decided to give gifts on the actual Valentine's day, but once Jeff has a gift in his possession, he can't keep it in, so we've done that, too. Jeff got me a cute little stuffed puppy that was holding a rolled up fleece blanket (I don't know if you understand my love affair with blankets) and a gift card to Old Navy (I told him I just really wanted to go shopping.) It was just perfect! I got Jeff a box of Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolates that I hand-picked, but only filled halfway. Then, I put a few other little things in the box I thought he wanted. We also got Amie a little box of chocolates, but she'll have to wait for Vday to get it (or at least until she's not so sick.)

Which brings me to a semi-unrelated point. We have all pretty much been miserable in my house. I'm huge and uncomfortable and have strep throat. Jeff had a day of scratchy throat, and that's about all he ever gets. Amelie, however, has officially been sick for almost 2 months now. Some things help, but she's never completely well. We're currently trying a run of antibiotics for strep throat, but she's developed a consistent cough and her nose never stops running. She's been sleeping a ton, and not eating or drinking much at all. It's kinda scary. The sad thing is that we took her off of a bottle about a week or two ago (cause our pediatrician kinda reprimanded us and said to do it before the next baby comes.) That isn't helping with hydration, but now that she's off, I don't want to start them again! If she stays this bad, I may try it just to get some milk in her. I've been trying every trick I can think of to get her to drink. We're thinking that if she's not improved after this run of antibiotics, we may have to ask for check on bronchitis or swine flu. Her fussiness and sleep schedule is enough to make us all crazy!
Really, I'm just hoping this all clears up before we bring Alisa home to it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Any day now... Knock on wood

So, at my 36 week doctor appointment (this past Tuesday,) my doctor told me that I was already 3.5 cm dilated. Woo! Jeff and I had placed bets (wagerless) on how dilated I'd be, cause I'd been having Braxton Hicks contractions for awhile. (I said 2.5, Jeff said 3.) So we were not surprised, but a little surprised it was that much. She said I was effacing, too, though not how much, and that little Alisa was in perfect head-down position. Knowing Amelie came early, and how far dilated I already was, she told me to come in quick if I started labor-not to worry about getting down to exactly 4 min between contractions, or anything like that. I'm afraid this got Jeff and I a little too excited-now waiting's been very difficult! She said she gave us a week and a half. (So, that'd be, what, by next Thur. or so?) We even discussed all the days she was on call, since she wasn't the one when Amie was born. Ha.
We ended up setting an elective inducement date because I was already so far into what's technically early labor. I never thought I'd go for inducement if not necessary, but for many reasons, I agreed. With my new job, a paid-for family vacation in March and being physically ready, I need to get back on my feet asap, so Feb. 8th is the day if I make it that far. (I'm guessing I will since we all expect it to be much sooner. :) )

As far as me, I'm sure getting sore and tired. Even though I was "sore" and "tired" throughout, it's majorly compounded now. I am so incredibly uncomfortable all the time-I never sleep through a night, or even close. I'm much, much bigger this time around. Here's a little proof.

This is a picture of me just a week before I delivered Amelie (about 36wks):

And here's one only THE DAY before I deliver Alisa (ok, I can dream right?) This is 36.5 wks:

If the difference in belly size doesn't shock you, you can at least appreciate the major difference in my face... The first? Great pregnant glow! This time around? FATIGUE... and a little more weight. :(

But, now I have to hurry and end this post, so I stop obsessing over going into labor! Fingers crossed, everybody!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Someday this really will work correctly. That someday would come sooner if it didn't take (literally) an hour to upload a video.

(So, after I uploaded this video-all morning-Jeff closed the browser window before I published! Lucky for that auto-save feature...)

And this one's my favorite-Amelie really dancing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Happy Holidays 09

Just a little bit of our Holiday festivities. Like always, we spent a lot of time running around from house to house, eating too much and were exhausted the entire time!

Our best attempt to get the whole family in our Christmas Sunday best.

Sneaky little girl in the nursery closet.

Seeing the lights at Temple Square. Doesn't everyone just look cold?

A few shots of Christmas Eve with the extended family in Ogden.

Christmas Day-in 3 different locations. It was nice to get a little more out of Amie this year.

Come on-look at that and tell me she's not the spitting image!

On New Year's Eve, Amie and I slept over at my mom's (while Jeff was on duty.) The two of us barely made it to midnight-we were zombies!

A little cousin love. So cute!

Finally, here's a little video of Amelie enjoying 2 of her favorite Christmas presents.

Hope yours were wonderful!