Monday, July 12, 2010

PMAA Lagoon Day

Every year, the Policeman's Mutual Aid Association (of which Jeff is a member) does a Lagoon Day. It's pretty sweet because it's only $20 for admission, and that includes an all-you-can-eat barbecue for dinner, plus they do raffle prizes, etc. I was so excited to go, because the past two summers we went each year, but I was pregnant both years. (Even on our spring vaca, despite being non-pregnant, I just had to stay with my new baby all the time.) I've had to go and watch people for years now-finally my turn. My sister Mal came with us, but there were no other takers, so the 3 of us did the baby shuffle all day long. (I could tell Mal got pretty tired of it, but she never complained and stuck it out.) I got to go on a few big rides, finally, and there was also a travelling show, Cirque L'Orage that we stayed to see. It wasn't quite Cirque du Soliel caliber, but the same type of thing and very cool nonetheless. It was a loooooong day, and I was very glad we went and stuck it out, but I said to Jeff at the end of the night, "I wouldn't be sad if we never came back til our youngest was about 2 or 3." He agreed.

Mommy and her little two-piecers cooling down mid-day.

Aunt Mar Mar was a big help.

Amelie dancing along to one of the (not so qualitized) shows.

Climbing on the fence. Right before she let go of said fence and went straight backwards and cracked, I mean HEAR THE CRACK, her head on the pavement. Dirty looks abounded.

It makes me sad that when Alisa sees the camera, she screws up her face in intense concentration and desire to chew it, because she really has such a pretty face.

A little better. She was fairly cheerful in the hot day.

I put Amie on the boats, which she was way excited for. She was all happy til I had to leave, but by the time she was coming around full circle, she was driving and playing.

Until she spotted me!

Then when she started to pass by me, full-on scream-crying. The cycle would repeat with every lap. Again, many people stared.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Out on the Town

We decided one day to pack the girls up and take the Trax to the downtown library's storytime. Lots of work for mom and dad, but totally worth it, I think.
Amie totally dug the train.

Her initial feelings about story time (which has more singing and playing than stories for her age.)

Slowly warming up to the bubbles.

No, I love them!

Having a blast in the tunnels.


Little did she know that the water doesn't just fall straight down, it sprays out, too.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Blaaaaaaaaaaze

The Blaze is the Utah arena football team. We especially enjoy going to the games because it's football (my fave) on a more basketball pace (Jeff's fave.) We got to go free this last week because they were honoring police officers and firefighters (and our friend is interning for the Blaze.) We were excited but a little nervous, as we've never taken the girls. As you can imagine, it was very loud, and in the evening, so the girls struggled a little. Lisie was just tired, but once we finally got her to sleep, she was no prob. Amie didn't like the noise, but she looooooved the Chick-Fil-A cows that came around (she kept pointing at them, laughing and saying "mooooo" then trying to follow them) and the free ice cream we got.

As it turns out, it wasn't the girls we needed to worry about, it was the mascot! See, it wasn't what I'd call packed at this game, so we had excellent seats, and Harley, the mascot, spent lots of time nearby in the lower bowl. For some ingenious reason, he decided he did not want to throw the Tshirts, but launch them in a cannon. But wait, you say. Wasn't everyone real close by in the lower bowl? Why yes, everyone was. Including ME, when he decided to shoot the cannon not into the air, but directly at my face. I saw it coming at the last second, but had my feet up on the chair in front of me, with the baby laying on my lap, so needless to say I did not get out of the way in time. I did, at least, turn my head away and the whistling Tshirt broad-sided my head between my cheek and ear. I saw stars and was instantly bawling from the blow. Luckily, I had smuggled in a cold Dr. Pepper and promptly put it on my face. We thought I was going to be black and blue it was so bad! I am however, still a very white pink white-faced person, my face is just tender. The people behind me were like "I guess you should get the Tshirt since it hit your face." Uh, yeah, thanks! Good times.

The offending T-shirt.

See the fat-purply-redness where it hit me?

Lisie Bear

Amie kept doing the cutest things, but my camera would never snap fast enough before she'd turn her head, so here's one with her face at least, sorry it's blurry. I think this is where she's imitating the Blaze dancers.