Friday, May 31, 2013

The Cheesiest Date Night Ever!

Our awesome friends, the Benzons, are always getting us out for date night (which is even awesomer!)  They got us set up for a cheese tasting at the Heber Valley Artisan Cheeses... or something like that.  Anyway, they gave us a short tour and then we tasted... wait for it... over FORTY cheeses!  They didn't tell us what each was until the end.  It was so great and delicious and heavenly!  Except, by the end, it felt terrible.  On the drive back, I really thought I might puke.  We had to stop and grab some Chick-fil-A... cause more fat is what I needed!  It was a blast, though and we refer to it often.

The Benzonians

The End of a/n (very short) Era

You probably know, I was loving my time in YW, but with all the changes coming into our lives, it was impossible for me to do mutual, etc, and it just so happened that the Bishopric took me out and put me in...scouts. This is 100% new territory for me, but Jeff and I are co-leaders, and he loves scouts, so that is handy for me.  We've had just a few weeks so far, and I am making the adjustment from 15 year old girls to 11 year old boys... ;)
Good bye ladies!  I'll be back soon!


Easter morning was a little crazy for me.  I was teaching in Young Women, then I was asked to be the concluding speaker in sacrament meeting, plus the choir was singing a couple of numbers (for which, I had never made it to practice) and then, there was the whole Easter Bunny thing.  Jeff was gracious about tackling the children while I tried to prepare my talk/lesson/voice and took over the Easter baskets this year (you can imagine, there was much more candy than when mom does them...)
We spread the weekend over all our families, starting on Friday morning with a Radcliffe Brunch. We had bacon, eggs, juices, cinnamon rolls, hash browns... it was quite a lovely feast. The girls got gift cards from grandma to choose outfits for their bears (the ones they got from her for Vday) and Carson got an outfit (for himself.)  There was also, of course, an egg hunt out back in my mom's fun yard, as well as coloring eggs.  We watched some movie, too, but I can't remember what. :)
Saturday, I was supposed to go to the YW Broadcast, but ended up not using my tickets, and we all went over to my M-I-L house for egg-dyeing, the egg hunt (kids got Stompeez) and apparently, it was Razz-on-Steph day. (Love you, Steph!)
Sunday brought all the aforementioned crazy in our best white dresses, which went pretty well, then we went to Jeff's Grandma's house for the big egg hunt and ham dinner.  Always fun to get together with all the Poynors.
I have to say, with so much involvement in Easter services, I had a good two weeks of really studying up on the Atonement and Resurrection.  It was such a lovely blessing to have the opportunity to immerse myself in the Savior in the time leading up to Easter Sunday.  I felt I appreciated it more amidst the bustle and really learned a few things, too. I'm so grateful for the Savior's Atonement, making life here both possible and worth living!


Alisa: Jofeph Shmish saw Him come down with strawberries and snow flakes

Amelie: Are you kidding me?! Of course! (to everything)

Amelie: (breathing deeply) I just have to focus! (um.. she's four)

Amelie: Mom, that's in your Aca-movie!

Amelie: Mom, I wanna be a piano teacher when I grow up! (she doesn't even play piano)
                                        ...scout leader...
                                        ...preschool teacher...
You know, anything that she learned about this week.