Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My first clue....

...was that I kept catching every sickness that was going around.

My second clue was being exhausted, despite a reasonable amount of sleep.

My third clue was feeling sick to my stomach anytime I hadn't eaten anything, or ate too much.

The last clue before we buckled down, was increasingly frequent urination.

Any other excellent sleuths out there?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Santo Valentino

That's Valentines, but in Italian, right? I'm awesome.

So, we (Jeff and I) decided quite awhile back that we would celebrate our Valentine's Day on Tuesday instead of Monday, because who would want to babysit our kids on Vday right? Then we could be the Vday babysitters for all and then easily get one in exchange. As the day loomed nearer, we realized that every one we know was staying home because of celebrating another day or one half of the couple would be at work. Pretty cool. So we ended up not having anyone over for babysitting, but we already had reservations on Tues, so we went with it. We spent Monday just having a fun Vday family day. Jeff made the heart shaped strawberry pancakes that are tradition in his family for our breakfast. Then I got my (over budget!) gift of flowers and a beautiful necklace/earring set, and Jeff got his box of Nikki-made white chocolate peanut butter cups.

Grandma #2 stopped by with some candy boxes, balloons and cute kitty jammies for each adorable girl. (Grandma #1 gave them her gift of tall Vday mugs filled with assorted candy the night before.) The girls were delighted!

They were having a blast of a day, then we watched a little kid-time-love story, Alpha and Omega (courtesy of Redbox.) It was very fun to see them all so excited. Later, after nap and lunch and all that, we drove around a delivered a few valentines that they hand-colored the week before for FHE, then came home to some surprise valentines on the doorstep from doorbell ditchers! They had so much fun and got so much candy, we ended up not even giving them the little heart boxes we got them... (maybe in a few weeks when their blood sugar finally comes down.)

So, then Tuesday, we took the girls out to my parents' house in Eagle Mountain, as they graciously offered to sit (it's nice not to have to ask!) and then headed off to a movie. We went back and forth and back and forth on what to see that was lovey, and eventually settled on Gnomeo and Juliet because it was the best time for our dinner reservation. :) It wasn't Jeff's very favorite ever, but it was cute (and of course, a much happier ending than its inspiration.) From there, we headed over to.... none other than our favorite - Francks! Hello, amazing food! I was glad we ended up going Tues instead of Mon, as A. they said it was SO busy, but also B. they only had a set menu. I'm sure it was delicious, but... We both started with the soup, this time a hot smoky strawberry soup. Hello friends. Don't sneer, it was a-freaking-mazing. I ended up getting chicken with cheesy grits and vegetables, Jeff had the duck with ginger raspberry sauce, potatoes gratin, and veg. Both to die for. We shared the carrot cake that comes inside a 10 inch tall white/milk chocolate cylinder that's also dessert for your eyes! It was just as lovely as the last time we went, and considerably cheaper (and we left not quite so ridiculously over-full, which was great!)

All in all, it was a perfect few days for us!

PS-did you know Vday is the anniversary of Jeff's and my first kiss? Yeah, we weren't even dating. He just had the guts to go in for the kill.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moments that make me smile!

Amelie's mommy-prompted prayer for our pancake breakfast went something like this:

Me: "Dear Father in Heaven"
A: "Henly Fodder"
Me: "Thank thee for this day"
A: "Thank you for today"
Me: "Thank you for this food"
A: "Thank you for my cakes"
Me: "Please bless our food"
A: "Bless my cakes"
Me: "to nourish our bodies"
A: "I love my cakes"
Me: "In the name"
A: "my name is Amelie"
Me: "of Jesus Christ"
A: "Amen!"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Lisie Bear

The girl of honor in her "Sweet Treat" shirt (and actually wearing a bow in her hair!)

My darling little Alisa muffin cake (don't gag) turned one year old last week! It's crazy how much more quickly time is flying with her than with our first (and we haven't even gotten to kids 3 or 4 yet!)
Alisa has been living in transformation central in the year since her birth. She started out a very mellow, serene baby. She then had a long, terrible stint of acid reflux that made her switch from mellow-happy-baby to screaming-writhing-baby at the drop of a hat. This phase lasted a long time. :/ Then, she began to outgrow her AR and became very, very clingy. Poor momma had to carry her everywhere, all the time. Then she began to sit up, crawl and even walking now! She has become more independent (though she definitely loves a good snuggle or carry sesh,) and now she is a very happy, very loud baby. If you've been around her at all recently, you know that she loves to yell! Happy, sad, excited, tired, silly-no matter the mood, she likes the whole world to hear about it! She has recently begun imitating us-she doesn't really have any words yet that she assigns meaning and comes up with on her own, but she'll copy you at the most random times. She repeats words, and every now and then says something astounding! So far the biggest winners are "happy birthday" and "I love you." She loves to clap, play hide and seek and peek-a-boo, watch kiddie movies, climb, Climb, CLIMB, and loooooooooooooves to eat. She and her sister are very different in many ways, but one thing they definitely have in common, is that they love to dance! She's a good little diaper-shaker. She also loves to growl and laugh. The poor thing still doesn't have hair and refuses to wear a bow, but that doesn't hide her beautiful eyes and contagious smile.
Her doc visit was this past Monday, and this little munchkin was not so little. She was in the 90's for weight and 80's for height, 90's for head, too. (All the North kids are doomed on that front.) She's trucking right along developmentally, and all is well with her.

For Alisa's first birthday, I decided simpler was better, but didn't want to gip her a thing. We had a little family and friends party at our house with a "Sweet Treats" theme. As in, happy birthday to our sweetie! We had sweet foods only (homemade heart-shaped chocolates, sugar cookies, a giant candy bowl, homemade mousse truffles, and of course a CAKE -- peppermint-candy-shaped, red velvet. It was delicious.) Plus pink lemonade with little heart and flower shaped ice floating inside.

Invitations were made with candy/cupcake/treat covered stationery that folds into its own envelope with some convo hearts inside. I did the same memento as for Amelie-a picture frame for everyone to sign that I will fill with a cake-eating photo. And as for the "activity," I just filled a cute jar with conversation hearts and had everyone guess the amount-Mal won it with a guess of 220, when there were 222! Nice! Kid favors were a box of convo hearts that said "from Alisa," and decor was pink streamers and giant candies on the walls.

You gotta get the bubbles out when you have this many little kids around!

Notice mommy not paying attention while Alisa swipes the last truffle...
And the aftermath!!
I hear ya, girl, they were soooo good.

She got some great presents; rattle baby doll, adorable clothes/shoes/much-needed-jammies, a glow worm (probably her fave,) puzzles, sippies, a book, stuffed animals, bows, a pink swing for our swingset and a rocking horse. She made out!

The little sweetheart was cute for the whole intended party time, but it went long (what can I say? Our friends tend to be late...) and she was struggling at the end. By the time we got to her cake, she was sooo tired. She just picked at it a little and kinda looked like a zombie. She went down for nap #2 before all her guests even left. :)
Her personal pan pizza, I mean cake.

So sleepy!

And the final obligatory, but oh-so-true statement - I can't believe it's been a year since we brought this girlie home! I just love her cute little face so much and can't wait to see what other adventures she brings to our lives.