Monday, March 31, 2008

Bye bye backache

I've had quite the easing up of backaches, but no subsiding in nausea. I'm also pretty sad about the fact that some of my favorite things now taste quite sub-par to me (like lemon pudding, pickles and salt & vinegar chips. Sad!) Plus the sight/smell of most raw meat makes me want to run away. Jeff's been really great about half-cooking dinner with me these days. Still two weeks to the first doctor appointment... meanwhile, the fetus is actually looking like a human instead of a mini-manatee. Here's the 9 week photo. (hopefully)

As for Jeff, he successfully passed the Physical tests for both the Airport Police and Salt Lake City PD. He has another test for each this week. (Each has a series of about 7-8 components in the testing/hiring process...) Jeff and I are really excited, though we don't want to jump the (very long) gun. Prayers please!

As for me, I am nearing my last semester of classes. I got accepted to do my summer internship at the VA hospital! I'm pretty scared and excited about that. Once that is finished in August, I will be done! Trying to tie up all the loose ends before summer is much more difficult than I thought. I finished my comprehensive exams, but now I must work on my capstone project... As you can see by my long post, I am doing everything possible besides my project... Eesh.

On a brighter note, we also get to stay at the Hotel Monaco Downtown this week-end. We got a free gift certificate and decided to use it for Conference week-end with good cable and a close location.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Massages are my new best friend.

Wow!! I went to go utilize the maternity massage that my husband bought me today. (I figured it was a good time after bowling and CPR training.) I went in early, a little apprehensive-I've never had a professional massage, preggers or not. The lady that was my massage therapist was very friendly and had that perfect soothing-type voice. She set me up for an hour Swedish massage, and man, was it fabulous! I got the full shebang with stretches, massage, oils, lotions, steaming towels, front and back, feet, hands, face, scalp. Pretty great. She said they are recommended once a month now, and twice a month later in pregnancy! "Yay" said my body, "Ow" said my wallet. Either way, I'd highly recommend them to any ladies out there that are pregnant.

In other news, Jeff made me a shirt that says "Baby on Board" and drew a little baby "right where the baby should be." It's classy.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Aye, mon dos.

I called to make an appointment and they said they didn't want me 'til 10-12 weeks! I understand there isn't too much to be done, but I haven't been at all, not even to confirm my pregnancy (not that there's a doubt in my mind about that) It boggles me a little bit, though, because the first 2-3 months are the most critical-why don't they want me to come in and teach me how to NOT make my baby one-legged or autistic? Luckily, I'm a good girl and I've been reading a million pregnancy books. Guess I'll just keep doing that until my first appointment on April 16th. (That seems like forever!)

In the meantime, I've been having just a few symptoms, namely fatigue, "morning sickness" and backaches. Although, we should definitely be calling it evening sickness-I never toss my cookies, but I have to eat every two hours or so to fend off the nausea, and then in the evening it comes no matter what. I can't decide if it's better to throw up or just feel constant nausea for half the day. Maybe I'll experiment...

Cutest story ever-the worst symptom I've been having by far is the backache. I can not sit in any position for longer than 15 minutes before my back is hurting! I could deal with both the other symptoms without even thinking if I could get rid of the back pain. I must've been complaining about it a lot, because my wonderful husband came home yesterday with a surprise for me-a sixty minute massage at a place called Maternity Massages-just for preggers like me. How sweet is that? He's a good, good dude.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


We're freaking pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are pregnant!

Wow-I can't believe we are pregnant! We've been trying for only two months, and here it is! I am as pleased as can be, but I don't think anything could overshadow Jeff's excitement.

We haven't been to the doctor yet, but according to my high-tech calculations, I am almost 5 weeks along and we are due about November 5th. I'm doing great so far, just pretty tired all the time and I already need to carry around snacks, but otherwise great! Hopefully we'll have more news soon!