Friday, May 20, 2011

Mother's Day!

This year I had a lovely Mother's Day. Jeff got off of work (late) in the early morning, and still made me breakfast in bed (pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, juice - the works!) Accompanying my breakfast tray were a beautiful peach-colored rose and a Kobo! (That's an eReader, in case you didn't know.) He had previously warned me it was a gift I would think was too expensive so he would take it out of my Bday presents, too. :) I then let him catch a few zzz's before we had to go to church. Church was fun, I got a chocolate heart from the ward, some cinnamon bears from the primary and a super-cute card Amie made in nursery, as well as her handprint on a page followed by this poem about fingerprints on the walls, etc (only for so long, you know?)

I just loved it! Jeff made efforts to handle the kids until Elder's Quorum so I could enjoy listening at Church, and even when I had Alisa, she was a good girl for me. (Very out of the ordinary for Church time.) After Church, we got to be lazy at home and Jeff made dinner for us, one of our favorite staples, Honey Mustard chicken.

We were able to go out to eat the day before with my mom and family at Los Hermanos in Provo, one of her favorites. It was a very fun time, I thought, and good food. Us kids all pitched in to buy her a fire bowl which has already gotten much use!

We stopped at Jeff's mom's on the way there to give her a Joseph Smith-etched crystal, and she gave me a cute shirt and a sweet letter. (She usually does flowers, but said she's not doing that this year cause we all always kill them! Sad but true!)

I'm so thankful for mothers and to be able to be counted among them!

Jeffrey's big 2-7.

My Jeffy face just survived his 27th birthday. We started off the Bday celebrations early at my parents' place 2 weeks ago with BBQ and gifts when everyone could be there. He scored a few great things. We kept the party alive with a fun group FHE bowling night on Monday the 9th. We had fun and got really creative with juggling all of the kiddies by the end... Later Jeff, so luckily, got off early (midnight instead of 5 am) the night before his Bday, so he wasn't a tired bear all day. Friday I made his favorite dinner (or one of them - kielbasa in red sauce over rice) since I wouldn't be cooking on his birthday. Saturday, I got up with the girls and made reese's pancakes and bacon for breakfast, then we headed to our niece Hannah banana's birthday party (well, Amelie and I did while dad and Lisie played Wii at grandma's) which was super-cute, by the way.

After the party, we left the girls with grandma and went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, where we had some delicious offerings and ate outside in the lovely sun. This is where the plans get all muddled. I had planned on taking Jeff to see a movie after lunch cause he love that and we hardly ever get to go. However, all the times were cutting it fairly close for us since my sis-in-law needed help with Hannah's party, so Jeff that morning said "let's golf instead." So, I didn't worry about getting out of the party quickly, THEN by the time lunch was over, the rainy rain clouds were rolling in... kiboshing golf, but the movie times were already over, SO we ended up bowling again. I was sad cause I didn't want Jeff to be disappointed, but he really loves bowling, so we went. Totally different experience without the littles! We even finished so quickly that we got to go home and relax for a minute, where I gave Jeff his presents, mostly very boring and practical, but he did enjoy the black law enforcement garments I got him and the chocolate-covered strawberries I made.

That evening, we got together with Jeff's family for dinner (homemade pizza,) dessert (raspberry cheesecake) and gifts (Best Buy gift cards! He bought an eReader he's had his eye on... like mine!) It was a great, relaxing day. I love you, Jeff!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weesa Bear

I know, sickening, right? I don't care-it's one of her many nicknames and we're proud!

For quite some time I've been thinking I should do an update on Alisa's progress, if only just for my own records, and with her 15 month appointment yesterday, I finally have a little motivation to do it (with a little Amelie here and there.)

Our little Alisa is really not so little at all. Her percentiles are: height-82, weight-75, and head-89... yeah, poor big-headed Norths. She's also in size 18 month clothes and only one shoe size behind Amelie. She has her 8 front teeth, and already 2 molars. Everything about this girl grows like a weed! ...except her hair. Amelie's hair is astronomically long, while Alisa still can't even rock a pony. She's still totally adorable, this is only a shame because she WILL NOT EVER wear a headband. Soon, little hairbows. Soon.

Lisie does a lot of little cute actions. She waves "hi" and "bye", and she is the queen of snuggling her little (big) head down into you, tucking in her arms. She makes a sweet scrunchy face all the time, and is now getting into wrestling and chasing type playing with Amie. It's super cute to watch, but sometimes one doesn't quite know when to stop. Our pediatrician (Dr. Baar) asked if she was walking ok... yeah, more like climbing Mount Everest if we'd let her! The little button can't sit still (especially not in church or a restaurant!) She climbs, climbs, climbs anything that might be climbed, and has the marks to prove it! (Thank goodness the scar on her right cheek is starting to lighten at least.) She also has some sweet toddler-shake-it moves. Another budding dancer! She also claps at "yay" and can show you where her head is.

She is not really using words yet, mostly grunts and yells. She imitates us a lot, saying crazy words and phrases that never come out of her mouth again, though she does have a few consistent repeats. These are "daddy" (both for Jeff and for me) and "uh oh" anytime anything hits the floor, even if she purposely dropped it there. :) Despite the small vocabulary, this girl communicates. She's always bringing us her shoes or coat when she wants to go outside, a cup when she wants a drink, or her blanket when she wants to snuggle. If she doesn't know how to tell us, she'll just go out and get it on her own! We have to be very careful with her-I've looked around to find her atop our dining room table, or stuck in the screen door in her many pursuits. The other day, I'd thought she was in the kitchen but didn't see her, so I turned to leave and heard her laughing behind me. I turned back around... didn't see her... searched... and found her in the dryer! The door wasn't shut all the way, so she opened it, crawled in, and thought it was the best time ever! She was giggling her head off. :/

Generally, Alisa is a happy baby, but when she's not happy, you will know it - long and loud! I'm so grateful to have her, she teaches me a lot and her giggles and happiness are very contagious. She's a bright spot in my world, and I am just trying to enjoy every second I have with her!

Calling all singers!

Hello all! A few posts back, I mentioned a choir I auditioned for called Sotto Voce. We are again having open auditions, this coming Wednesday, May 11th from 6-9. They will be held at Realms of Inquiry, 900 E and about 1150 S. We're especially looking for good ladies, but all are very welcome to tryout! This is such a talented and innovative group, I'm loving every second and hope to see you all there!

Check us out at: