Saturday, July 25, 2009

4th, 24th and Lagoon

I thought that since my last long post was after the 4th that I included it, but I just realized I skipped it. In the morning, Amie and I went to the West Jordan parade (Jeff had just gotten off of work and was sleeping.) Even though we came right about time to start, I got an amazing parking space and good spot. The weather was perfect most of the parade-clouded over, then I had an umbrella and squirty fan for when the sun came out. Amie seemed to enjoy it again, all except for when the fire truck honked right in her face. (Have you ever noticed they are far louder than other emergency vehicles?)

Then, we went home and hung out for a bit before we headed over to a friend's for BBQ. That was fun, then Jeff had to run off to work again that night. Amelie and I stayed a bit and they set off fireworks. Then we all raced to catch fireworks at Murray park cause no one else noticed the time (though I mentioned it more than once.) We saw some on the way and some more there, but everyone pretty much just stayed in there own cars wherever they parked. Amie slept through pretty much all of them. The next day I remembered why I no longer stay up late.

For the 24th, Jeff had to work the parade in the morning (and somehow he got the longest post) then work again that night. So, our festivities consisted of a delicious lunch at the Porcupine and naps. After Jeff left, I was going to take Amelie out and show her the sparklers we had, but I turned the house upside down and couldn't find them. So, I didn't really get to do much of anything. We're looking forward to the days when Jeff has enough seniority to get more holidays off and we can go to more family activities, especially Delta.

Also, we went to Lagoon... again. But we thought it was worth it because we got in with PMAA (Police Mutual Aid Association) for $20 that included a big dinner. We had lots of family members come with us and I got to go on a fair number of rides and slides. It was very fun but I was completely exhausted by the end of the day. I couldn't have stayed another second.

Maybe not her either. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

9 months! and 10 1/2 weeks!

I cannot believe my Amelie is 9 months old! She was supposed to go to the doctor this week, but we ended up taking her in last week. She had a red eye for days and we wanted to get it looked at-then we asked if they could do the whole shebang while we were already there. Luckily, they did. Since Amie wasn't acting sick, and wasn't pussing or anything, they first checked for a scratch. They put ultraviolet dye in her eye and turned on a blacklight. She was actually pretty good, and it was pretty cool to see. She just had a scratch on her eye that was healing by itself. She's doing well, of course. She's still in the high-30's, low-40's for height and weight. She actually moved UP the scale for head size-98th percentile! Poor little girl takes after her parents-shorty legs and giant head. As far as milestones, she's crawling like a maniac. Hands, and she pushes with her feet. She pulls up a lot, and cruises a little on the furniture. She tries to stand by herself without holding on, but it will definitely still be awhile. She says lots of dadada and mamama and ow and oh, but doesn't assign appropriate meanings to them, of course. She claps her hands whenever she sees others clapping or if you say "yay!" She still likes to try out her voice, and now has started trying out her facial expressions, too. Adorable! My favorite thing lately is when she's around dogs. At first, she was scared out of her wits! Now, after a little petting intervention, she doesn't cry, but anytime a dog is in the room, she stares at it and barks! It is so cute. She also has gotten quite adept at calling people on our cell phones, so if Jeff or I call you and say nothing... that's probably why. Apologies in advance.

And... I'm already almost 11 weeks along in pregnancy #2. Can't believe it-though it's much more tiring this time around, it's going by faster. Probably just cause I don't obsess over it as much as the first time. We had our first appointmenta few weeks ago, and with a stroke of luck we got to go back to our last doctor, Dr. Brown. She's crazy! But we love her. AND 2 of my other friends go to her. Plus, I want to deliver at IMC again, I really liked that hospital. Only a month or 2 before we can find out the gender! Anyway, here's the first (and only) picture of Brister so far. (Brother + Sister. Jeff came up with it...) Not as clear as Amie's, but still decipherable. The head is over to the right, and body bundled underneath.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Latest and Greatest

Here are some goodies from a short day at Lagoon. We went in on free no-ride passes for Stake Day cause I couldn't really do much, being preg and all, but Jeff and I did get a few rides while Amie played in Laguna Beach. With her cousins, duh!

On the WILD Animal train. I think the most we saw was a camel.

Daddy love.

Us on the Merry-Go-Round. She's had a long day by this point.

What she did the moment we got off the carousel!

Cutie at home!

My poor hand after picking mulberries from the tree in our yard. Only 2 weeks later is the stain gone from my nails! I looked like a mechanic there for awhile. Ew.

Two bad-lighting attempts at showing you my mulberries. I make excellent syrup, if I do say so myself! (Too much work, though. I could never live on a farm.)

These are from the WestFest Parade right down the street. Amie and I went, it was her first parade. She loved it! She loves dancing to music and waving, so of course, she was in heaven! And she was so charming, she got lots of treats handed right to her. I let her eat one of the suckers... You can see the joy it brought her, and the sticky misery it brought me! Too cute, though. We had a blast.

These are from July 3rd. We went to Freedom Fest in Provo with my family. It was hot, and again, no rides for me, but we had a great time! We ate SO much good food (mmm, those donuts,) walked around, hung our as fam (everyone was there but Mal and Jason)and Amelie even got her face painted! I could NOT believe she would sit still for that, but the lady was (self-proclaimed) "weird enough" to keep her mesmerized, and she got her stars and stripes without a hitch. So cute!

She was being naughty. :)

And, finally, a video. Not much that's way exciting, but if you love Amie, you'll like the video. Just a few of the cute things she does in the mornings for me.