Monday, January 7, 2013


(Watching Go Diego, Go)
Diego: Can you say whirlygig beetle?
Amelie: Rirlylig beetle!
Alisa: Really big beetle!

Amelie: What's this?
Mom: A calculator. It helps you do math.
A: Oh! It will help me learn math in the car!
(turns to walk away... pauses...)
A: ... what's math?

M: Sounds like you are being a tattletale.
A: (stops and turns dramatically) How could you say that to a child?

(Carson and Lisie both fell asleep)
Mom: What should we do now?
Amie: Watch movies, snuggle and eat gum!
M: OK!
A: Let's get this party started!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Festivities Mishmash

Alisa wanted mr take her picture in front of this tree at her gymnastics class.

This year's cookie exchange!

These are from Dad's work kids' Christmas party.  They had balloon animals, crafts, goody bags, a sweet raffle, cookie decorating, face painting, and of course Santa!  (Except he was already gone when we went to see him! We had a blast!

This little gem of a video if from my Relief Society Christmas Social.  I seriously love them!