Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby's first photo!

We finally had our first appointment this past week. It went really well, the doc says everything looks healthy and good so far. The baby's measurements showed that our date calculations were dead-on. Official due date, Nov. 5th. That baby was quite the active little bugger, literally doing somersaults throughout the ultrasound. We had an excellent picture there, but had a really hard time capturing a good one cause baby moved around so much! We did get one really good one I scanned. (We couldn't see the gender yet, but ever since then we've said "he." No idea why.) If you look close, s/he's on his head, with the flat bum at the top and a leg and foot sticking out to the right. There's a faint arm right above the head, too. It's all there!

We also got to hear the baby's heartbeat, too, and everything became much more real! Jeff and I are both really excited. (Though I think I may be most excited about getting near the end of my first trimester.... The nausea's finally eased up.)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Um... Was that picture never showing up, cause it showed in the email version that was sent from the site... Here it is again in case.

Monday, April 14, 2008

San Hore-hay

This weekend, Jeff and I got to go to St. George just for a little weekend away. He took work (so they would pay for our gas, yay!) and had to serve papers down there on Saturday. We left Friday and got there late in the evening. We decided to go for a long walk (across the street) for some frozen custard and turn in... My pregnancy sleep is important these days. Sat. we had breakfast, and while Jeff served papers, I read a book by the pool. That was worth the entire trip to me! I am so sick of the cold and randomly reappearing snow that the 73 degrees was totally worth the whole drive. We had lunch, and then when Jeff was done we went swimming. Can you believe I actually woke up a little sore the next day? Man, looks like I'm letting all but my walking muscles fall into disrepair (walking everywhere is my exercise of choice thanks to the nausea and fatigue.) We ate at Famous Dave's that night-yum-and spent another tired night at the hotel. Yes, genius me forgot her temple clothes, so that changed our Sat. night plans. Sunday for church we went to the most child-packed ward ever! I swear I didn't hear a single word from the pulpit. (We also got Harry Potter 7 from the library to listen to in the car-can you believe Jeff still hasn't read it?) After church, we headed out and made it to Provo just in time for dinner at mom's-always awesome! We even got to bring home leftovers this time cause my brother is out of town. We skipped out early and slept a bunch at home.
Here's the beautiful red rock view right from our balcony.

This week brings some action for us-I've got a huge presentation that will finally be over, and then I'm about done with classes, just 2 finals and that's it! I finish with classes in 2 weeks or so, and then all I have left is my summer internship-yes! (and giant capstone project, of course.) I can't wait. I find I'm always excited for school to begin again and always excited to be done again. I'd like to say that I'll be done with school forever come August '08 (I am NEVER gonna get a Doctorate) but I have a feeling somewhere down the line I'll be doing something else ridiculous that interests me... Maybe culinary school or a teaching certificate... Knock on wood! At this point, I'm ready to be done forever.

Also this week is our first prenatal appointment, finally! We're really excited and crossing our fingers lots. We're kinda shaky on exact dates, plus if there's something unusual going on, this will be the first we'll hear. Wednesday is the day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hotel Monaco!

This past week-end, we got to stay at the Hotel Monaco for free (sweet!) We decided to do it Friday so Jeff would be close to his early morning test on Saturday, and then I watched the first session of Conference from the comfort of the most amazing pillow-top king size bed ever. It was really nice to just be away for a night while we are in the middle of so much other junk. Jeff surprised me with an AMAZING dessert from Bambara (totally delicious, yet small and $10) and then we got to wear the sweet leopard print robes. (Sorry, I saved it sideways.)

The rest of the pictures from the weekend are too scandalous to post. (Kidding! ...but I wouldn't be if we had actually taken more pictures... kidding! ... am I?)

We had then planned to have lunch at Bambara between sessions (we've wanted to eat there for awhile) only to discover at 12:30 on Saturday, that they are closed on Saturdays during lunch. Sad! So, we ate at the classic Olive Garden. (We checked the one downtown-1 1/2 hr wait, back in our hood-15 min. wait.) We watched the next session at Jeff's sister's house.

Then, to top off the night, after priesthood, we actually spent $155 on groceries. Ouch.

Sunday, we spent the day at my mom's for the good old conference breakfast-yum! Everything that is right for my tongue and wrong for my figure was had-cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs with green chili sauce... I brought fruit salad to round it out a bit. Then, deli sandwiches... then dinner... then strawberry shortcake. I actually came home sick AND was sick the next day all day from all that I ate. A trip to mom's should never be so long... the food just doesn't stop coming.
(Wasn't Conference fabulous this demi-year? I was often tearful... but maybe that's just because I'm pregnant.)

PS-Jeff has been doing awesome in each stage of his testing processes so far... he actually received a conditional offer from both the Airport police and SLC PD. Meaning, as long as he passes the next 6 million steps, he's a shoe-in for either. We're praying!