Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Year's

So, I'm a little behind, and you probably don't even care about the specifics of our New Year's, but since this blog is effectively my main source of record-keeping, here it is anyway!

We didn't really get any pictures (sadly,) except a few on my phone, for which I have not yet gotten the means of transferring pictures. So, anyway, we went with the whole entire Radcliffe clan, including Grandma and even Reed (I know-you don't even know who he is, right?) to dinner at Buca di Beppo. We chose this place because it was family style, which actually really threw some people off for quite awhile. :) We eventually got it all worked out, though, and I ended up loving 3 of the 4 dishes we ate from-the 4th was good, just not my fave. I personally had a blast, though I can't speak for everyone. :) (It was a very long table.) My daughters, as usual, bothered their favorite relations a bit much while they were trying to eat, but they always love seeing our families.

From there, we headed over to Jeff's mom's house for dessert and some Just Dance. We ended up playing it all night long, despite other plans previously made, and had a great time. Jeff and I brought our champagne flutes and the bubbly (this is always a must at my house, and didn't want to do without, so we brought it along for the party.) It just so happens, that we saw a new and awesome-sounding flavor that we chose, Apple-Peach. Too bad it was disgusting. A great way to turn the North in-laws on to the necessity of bubbly on special occasions. Not!

Seeing as we are terribly old and boring, we stayed only a little after midnight, then took our brood home. (Alisa actually got to sleep somewhere amidst the Just Dance ruckous, thanks to sweet Grandma snuggles.)

New Year's day was lazy for us, just the way it should be.

Again, as I reflect back on yet another year, I can only be thankful and recognize the blessings of our Heavenly Father. This past year, we welcomed Alisa to our family, paid off our car, I was blessed with the most perfect kind of job for a young mom, that has in turn helped us greatly reduce our debt, AND we had a wonderful vacation to Seaside, Oregon. Life for us carries the usual ups and downs, but on the whole, we are so greatly blessed here in the North home, and are grateful for another wonderful year.

We expect yet another wonderful year on the horizon, with our focuses being on first, to get our physical selves in order, and also to better and more consistently invite the spirit into our home. Here's to another great one!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Luckily, Jeff got a photo printer for Christmas, so despite my aforementioned camera problem, I have been able to get my pics off! Hallelujah! I'd be super sad if I lost holidays.

For Christmas, we were, of course, super busy. It was the North's year to have us on Christmas eve. My extended family always happens to get together early in the day, so we were lucky enough to get to see both that day. In the morning on Christmas Eve, we drove up to Ogden ('we' being me and the girls-Jeff was at work til 3:something.) We had taco salads and many many desserts. For the most part, my girls were good, but Amelie had an accident (luckily I brought clothes!) and Lisie was tired-fussy for a bit. We played a dice game for our anonymous dollar gifts and we got some good things. Jenny also brought a DVD she made of my Grandpa's life (he recently passed away) that she showed-and gave us all a copy! It was lovely. It was a good time. There are so many of us, that we held the party in a church gym. I don't usually like this, it feels less intimate, but they did a good job of setting it up so we felt closer.

The one split second where she wore her headband.Kiddie Korner

This manger was a centerpiece...

but Amie just wanted to snuggle baby Jesus!

Lisie loves aunt Mar Mar

and Grandma's mouth!


Aunt Mallolly and her shadow doing hair at every family get together!

Two sweeties!

Then, we left to pick up daddy and go straight to his grandmother's house in Grantsville. We had the usual smorgasbord there, and then a cute program of two movies-first Christmas Oranges, and then the Nativity (I think?) Then, we followed it up with marshmallow guns, of course! We got SOO many sweets as gifts there this year, I thought we might die. Seriously-fudge, homemade candy (mints, caramels, coconuts, cremes, caramels, maples,) pecan brittle, two varieties of chocolate covered pretzels, truffles, a gallon bag of cookies, popcorn, and that's not even all!

We decided this year was the year to start sleeping at our house (we'd been sleeping at my mom's the past few-meaning me and the girls. :)) We opened presents bright and early Sat. morning at our place so we could be on time for breakfast and presents with the North's. We went from there to the Radcliffe's and had a second breakfast then presents. Then dinner. Needless to say, I did not escape about 5 holiday pounds.

First look

Too early.

This is the post-unwrapping mess. Whoa!

I tried my darn darnedest to get a better picture of us in our Christmas outfits this time, without much success. I decided our color was gold this year.
(They were both imPOSSible to keep still!)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Today we had the worst idea ever today. What could possibly be that bad, you say?

Well, I've had a fairly home-bound week. Gotten out at least somewhere each day, but by today, Saturday, I was going a little stir crazy. So I decided we should go out for lunch. We decided on Red Robin and actually enjoyed our time there despite a rambunctious toddler (who kept talking to the people in the booth next to us) and a sicky baby.

Not too bad, right?

So we decided to push our luck and take said babies to see a $1.50 movie. We went over and decided on Megamind, and were a bit early, so we let the girls play out in the hallway for a bit to expel their energy. Then, we went in to get our seats, and settled in. (It filled up really quickly and we got blocked in our row.) The girls were being pretty good, and the movie started. At 3:30. 3:30? Yes, that IS my rambunctious terrible two toddler's and sick baby's nap time. What a disaster. We tried every possible idea and combination of people inside and outside the theater, but no. We did not see the end of this movie. Even though we only spent $4.50, this makes me really crazy-I never quit a movie or book because not knowing the end will drive me insane! We made it through most of the film, so I was really invested in that little storyline. I may never know...

Live and learn, I guess.