Friday, February 13, 2009

Amelie's Laughing!

Here is a quick video from the Super Bowl. I was tickling Amie's feet, not unusual, and she just busted out with the cutest laugh ever! It was her first really real laughing. I didn't know anyone had a recorder, so too bad we didn't catch it sooner. Here's the short tail-end of that adorable noise! She's done it only 2 or 3 times since.

It wasn't saved to my computer, so here's just a link to it on facebook until I can get my hands on it.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Check it out- Amelie has grown so fast, and SO MANY people have remarked on it, I thought I'd give you the evidence and let you decide for yourself. Here's a picture from 2 weeks old, and one from 3 1/2 mos., both in the same position so you can better judge.

OK, WHOA! I take it back about being your own judge, I HAVE to comment, and just say how happy I am that she came out the size she did. She has more than doubled in weight and is doing so well! But, coulda been... ouch.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bear Lake

So, in case you haven't noticed yet, one of the things Jeff and I love the most is traveling. For us, it almost doesn't matter where, either. We have a blast together, listening to books on the drive, finding awesome little food joints, exploring wherever we are, and relaxing together. So, this week, Jeff had a 7-day period where he only had to work one day! (Because of the way his training rotation worked out.) We thought this was a great opportunity, and so we decided to go to Bear Lake for a few days. It was snowing on the drive up, but it was definitely worth it. We had the most gorgeous view of the snowy mountains and the lake, and you could see the beautiful sunrise right out our window. We cooked some meals in our condo, but went out to an amazing breakfast at a sweet little dive. )Jeff had pancakes bigger than his head!) We played some games and watched some movies by the fireplace, but we also went out to the lake and even went swimming! OK, not there. Our condo has a sweet indoor swimming pool and spa. We took Amie swimming for the first time, and she appeared to enjoy it. Until she got a huge mouthful of unwanted water, that is. Here's some highlights.

Ready to leave for her first vaca!

The beautiful surroundings.


Mommy and Amie


Random Catch Up

It seems I am always only playing catch up with my blog these days. It's amazing how one baby can rule your life. How do 2 and 3 work? (I figure by 4, you should have kid helpers.)

Anyway, here are a few random photos. First, lately Amie curls like she's doing a sit up when you hold her, so we figure she wants to sit up. We've been propping her in safe places and it usually keeps her happy for awhile!

Here's a photo of the sweet U cheerleader that is my daughter. This is from the bowl game. (A little too loud for her taste.) Go Utes! 13-0!

And, I just thought this was just a funny pic. Amelie was being pretty demanding this morning, but I had to put her down real quick so I could finish getting ready for church. The nearest spot was a pile of clothes, and when I turned around, there she was, totally content to eat her hand and click her little feet together. Adorable!


It occurred to me that I completely skipped over Christmas in my mass bloggings, so here are a few notes from that fabulous week. My uncle Don was in town with his family (who we see the least) and we all went to Temple Square for the lights the day before Christmas (SO crowded!) Early on Christmas Eve we had a big Martindale family get together in Ogden with games and SOO much food. It was pretty darn crammed, but really fun. We got some good bingo prizes/gifts. Then, we drove from Ogden out to Grantsville for Jeff's big family party. We had more excellent food there, and got some more great gifts. The little kids all acted out the nativity, and of course, Amie got to play the Baby Jesus. She was super hungry during that time though, and the Mary was a bit young to handle her, so our Nativity only had a Jesus for a short while. After festivities there were over, we drove out to Eagle Mountain, and by this time, the weather was REALLY bad. We were driving in the West Mountains in the middle of that snow storm and it took us so long, and was kinda scary. Lucky for Jeff the driver, Amelie was asleep most of the way. We finally arrived in one piece fairly late (all the kids in my family still sleep over at my parent's on Christmas Eve.) We then didn't get much sleep at all with the baby before the 7 am presents appointment. Of course, this is when Amelie finally decided to do her sleeping, so she missed all the gift opening. But she sure looked cute in her Christmas jammies. After a leisurely day at my mom's and an over-luscious Christmas Dinner, we went for presents with Jeff's immediate family in Taylorsville. Then finally home about 8pm on Christmas day. I think we used an entire tank of gas just in those 2 days of travel! Overall, it was SUCH a blast, just a bummer to be driving so much in such a snow stormy few days.

Sleeping through her presents on Christmas Day!

My cutie niece, Stacey, left a note for Santa with the cookies.

The giant spread Christmas morning, and that's not even all of it!

Closeup of the feeding Baby Jesus.

The whole super-cute nativity.

Amelie's first viewing of the temple square lights... or my jacket.

What she did the whole time.