Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dad's Grad

After many years and much toiling, Jeff was able to walk in this year's Salt Lake Community College Commencement Ceremony for his Associate's in Criminal Justice. He has been accepted to Weber State's Criminal Justice program (one of the best in the country,) and will begin his Bachelor's there in the Fall. People often ask me (and I think him) "isn't he already a cop?" or "he doesn't need a degree for that, does he?" (For the moment, let's just put aside the fact that I think this is a gutsy and frankly, rude, sentiment.) When it boils right down to it, no, Jeff does not need a degree. We have been so blessed that he has already been working in his chosen field for a few years now, and that it amply supports the needs of our little family. Would it be easier for us if Jeff were not in school? Certainly. Would we have more time together if he didn't have homework? Without a doubt. Would it be more budget-friendly? Absolutely! Do I wish he wouldn't do it? Never for a second. Jeff loves what he does, and plans on doing it for a long time, but he is always looking ahead and planning for the future of our family. At the SLC PD, they have 20 year retirement, which means Jeff could be signing of from there when he's only 44. He knows he may do something else, or may stay longer, but he also knows he may not. He has been thinking ahead to that time and wants to allow for the possibility of one day teaching criminal justice at a college or university. I love this about Jeff. He is always thinking about us, always trying to give us everything that we need and want and to make life for us the best he can. He also wants to set the example for our children. Whether or not he decides to do those things 20 years down the road, he has and will have accomplished so much, and helped teach our children that education, responsibility and betterment are important to us in our family. I am so proud of him for being prepared, ambitious, persevering, and thoughtful.

Jeff's walking down the ramp.

Her usual important-event behavior.

Getting to play with TWO grandma's at once, alright! No shortage of snacks or toys here!

Looking stoic with Papa.

While we were waiting outside the arena, Amie and this girl played ring around the rosie. So cute!

New best friends.

He even earned his honor cords, great job, babe!

Our little fam.

Jeff's free banana pie from Braza Grill, where we celebrated afterward. What a steal, right? (I mean, can you even see that speck?)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh, the Beautiful Head Gear

Tonight, as I was going through the pictures on my camera to see what still needed to be blogged, I noticed that there was a large assortment of pictures of my girlies with things on their heads. I thought they were all too cute to leave unposted, so here theya re for your viewing pleasure.

Post bath time.

Matching head gear!

Changing into jammies.

Uncle Ricky's Indiana Jones hat.

One day, Amie just kept bringing me more and more of her bows to put in her hair. Cute!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Amie Jo

Oh my goodness, how time flies! Our little 5 lb. 14 oz. Amelie Josephine is now (over) 18 months old! She's still a little thing, weighing just 22 lbs at her last Dr. visit. She's a little whiz kid, and not only keeps us on our toes, but melts our hearts every day.
She is so cute with her sister. Even though she's not always as gentle as she should be, Amie is constantly giving her loves and wanting to hold her. (She has a sign for it-pulling up her sleeve and patting her forearm means she wants to hold Alisa.) She also has a sign for coat-it looks like she's trying to be a chicken. :) She is really starting to love the company of other kids, not that she didn't before, but now she can't get enough. We go to the park or store, and she'll just chat her little heart out with kids. Adults if she's in a great mood. She's still running and dancin' all over the place, and gets mad if she can't walk EVERYwhere we go. She loves to read books and like to try her little vocal chords out at church. She helps with clean up, and just started throwing away diapers (woo!)
She has begun to really really talk these days and seems to learn a new word every day! Here's a list-probably not too comprehensive, I forget them all.

Eat, ween (swing,) wee (slide,) coat, hi, bye bye, walk, chair, pee-yee (pretty,) burbie (birdie,) Barbie, baby, NO!, cheese, pop, cup, mama, dad, deeder (sister,) yeeshee (Lisie,) gama (grandma,) book, booger, butt (for diaper,) ow, bear bear (kiss it better,) cookie, EE-ette (Mewsette-a character in one of her favorite movies.) I know there are more, but that's what's coming to mind.

My favorite is actually bed time. We put on jammies, then brush teeth (which is a game for her,) then we read a story, and rock to a lullaby. She gets very snuggly and even gives a precious smile when you put her in her crib. Even when she seems amped up and resistant to bed, as soon as you put away the book, turn off the light and start singing, she puts her little (well big) head on your shoulder and often pats your back, too. Doesn't get much better than that!