Friday, June 27, 2008

SLC and Baby...

SOOooooooooooo much has happened in the past three weeks.

First, one of the more exciting things-Jeff got hired by Salt Lake City Police!! This is totally his life dream and we are so excited. He starts training on July 7th. Soon! (I made a giant SLC cookie for celebration... yeah, we didn't finish it...)

Second, another SUPER exciting thing-we found out we're having a girl!! We couldn't be happier and have loved being able to look at pink things. (I was going to post an ultrasound, but I didn't know about showing off her goods before she even gets to this world!) The appointment went well and all the indicators still say everything is moving right on track. We even got a DVD of our sweet baby on ultrasound-it's fun for us to watch! (Sometimes just weird for me.)
The day before I found out, I got to go to a baby shower for my good college friend, Jodi Hill, and there were tons of pregnant girls there! This is 3 if us all from Florida doing to pregnant pose. (Haley, Jodi, Me.) I am only a few weeks behind, but I was the smallest! Crazy.

In more daily life, Jeff went on a winning spree, so we've had a string of fun activities. We got to go to the Blaze game (arena football,) a Bees game (baseball,) mini-golfing and to Desert Star all within one week. We actually enjoyed the Blaze-it's a little more fast-paced than normal football, so good for your ADD. The Bees was average-fun, but with loud, obnoxious fans all around. And the funniest one was when Jeff won entry for 4 into a mini-golfing tournament (the Mini Major.) Jeff, his brother Josh, friend Amos and I all went and did pretty well. I was second in our group by only 1 point. Amos, the little bugger, won in the raffle and got $25 to a steakhouse, $25 to a spa and $25 to Subway! Generous as he is, he took us all to lunch. It was a fun day.

Currently, we're starting to look at houses and want to buy soon. That is the project for this next week. Meanwhile, I have a few HUGE things going on at work next week and then Jeff starts at SLC. Life is good!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Life these days

Boy, has life gotten away with me.

My entire life has basically been the VA since the week school was out. My internship there has been fun and a lot of hard work. I am usually working through lunch every single day, so I tend to take some personal time in the mornings (like adding to my blog at 8:45 a.m.) I come home every single day exhausted and don't do much of anything on the evenings after I work. It has been good experience, though, and I have to say two very positive things about the VA. First, that they LOVE Rec. Therapy. I was trained to think that I would always, always, always have to advocate hard for myself, but not here. Second, that my intern supervisor and all the RT's here really believe in and empower me. Almost too much-I have quite a lot on my plate there right now. Between my work load there and being exhausted at home, I don't know WHEN I'm going to finish my capstone project! Maybe I won't graduate in August after all... :)
We did have our second prenatal appointment, but did not even have an ultrasound. We were told for sure, though, that our appointment on June 16th will include a look between the baby's legs (in those words.) We are antsy to know what the baby will be! In the meantime, baby's moving around, giving me funny kicks every day.
And in other news, my sister chopped off about 14 inches of my hair! You can sort of see it in one of my rafting pictures.

Jeff was notified about SLCPD. He is ranked 23 on a list of about 70 people that applied (way to go, Jeff!!) They are for sure hiring 20 right now, but may or may not need more. They will also continue to hire off of that list through the year. We keep praying! Again, though, Jeff stays totally busy looking for just the right job opportunity for him and our family.
He's also back in the online classes and I can't say that I am jealous. I do admire him, though, for being able to work all day and then come home and do school. I haven't been able to make that happen yet.
He is getting in some good practice for being a father as well-he's gonna be the best dad!

Monday, June 2, 2008

River Rafting

I went river rafting down the Colorado this past weekend with the VA. I'd never been, so I was totally psyched, but a little apprehensive since I'm pregnant, of course. My mom went rafting 6 months pregnant, and I talked to my OB, who gave me some good advice (i.e. "Don't fall out.") so I went for it. It ended up being not too crazy in the way of rapids, but it was still really fun. We only tossed one little woman the whole trip, and I never came close to falling out. The most difficult part for me was dealing with all the heat and lifting we were supposed to do. There were a few great pregnancy-supporters there, so that was nice, but there were a few times where I had to just do some of it, as I went with a mental health group and they needed the help. Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous surroundings. My camera just isn't top-of-the-line, so use your imagination to re-create the beauty. I also don't have any on the raft-too scared to take my digital on the water.

I chopped off about 14 inches of hair before I left!
Our rafts-we had a big group.

The gorgeous sunrise on the pretty beach where we camped... that came MUCH too early.

It was almost like being back on the coast for a night! How I miss it.