Thursday, December 11, 2008

All Amie

This post is just a little update about Amelie Josephine and some pictures. (I should have posted this first-now no one will read down to the next post!) She's just under 8 weeks now, and 8 1/2 pounds. Finally, the size of a normal newborn. :) She just barely outgrew her first two premie outfits, haha. I even put a size 1 diaper on her today! It's a little big, but they do the job and I'm out of newborn size. We've taken to calling her Amie in play, and I love it, because that means "friend" in French-it's even the feminine version! I didn't even see that coming when we picked it!

Our Amie Jo has been busy! She can already hold her head up, turn over from front to back and has had a large barrage of big, real smiles! It is the most adorable thing you've ever seen, of course. She is so strong, everyone comments on it. Still little, but steadily gaining weight. She's trying valiantly to chub up, and it's working fairly well, but she keeps growing longer, too, and can't keep up!
To my delight, Amelie is sleeping at nights, now, too. She doesn't sleep all the way through the night, but hey-I have NO problem with a 3am feeding, if that's when I'm waking up and then we go back to bed!

Here are some of the cutest photos of Amelie.

LOVES that binkie!

At Daddy's graduation, being a good, quiet girl.

Love those tights!

Only gets her sleeping half of the time, darn it.

She hates this chair.

With hat and tennies, ready to go!

Even on the floor, she'll just curl right up.

I know Jeff hates this picture, but I think it's so adorable, the way she's snuggling up to him! She loves Daddy.

This is her favorite place to be.

Graduation and Thanksgiving!

It's been a full month since my last post, now, and you can thank my adorable daughter. I'll probably need a few posts to really catch up. Here's the first.

Jeff is now officially an officer with Salt Lake City PD. His graduation ceremony was Nov. 26th, and he is now in Field Training. (He'll be rotating through different shifts and departments for the next few months.) The Mayor spoke at the ceremony, along with Chief Burbank (whom I love!) and then I got to pin Jeff's badge on him. It was on the news a few times and in the paper-there's a great big close up picture of Jeff standing at attention during the ceremony. Afterward, we went out to lunch at Jeff's choice, Olive Garden, to celebrate. It was a good time.

Jeff's in the middle.

Our family!

With Chief Burbank and the official certificate.

The next day-Thanksgiving! We got up way too early to go down to my parents house in Eagle Mountain (so we could watch the parade that started at 9.) At my house, we always start the feasting early-this year with chocolate and peanut butter chip pancakes, bacon and eggs. YUM! It was a good thing, too, cause dinner took longer than expected. After the parade, us "kids" headed to a nearby park to have our own Turkey Bowl-ultimate frisbee style. It was super-awesome, except that there was a HEINOUS wind that day, so we only lasted til a score of 4-3 or something like that (We played girls against boys and I may or may not have gotten kinda competitive. I just cant help it!) We headed back to the house and I helped cook-something I love to do every day of the week. We put on a gorgeous spread, and the meal was aMAZing as always! That's how it goes when you come from a family of good cooks. Later in the day, my aunt Teri and her crew came down for leftovers and games, which is always a good time. We played Body Boggle-a sweet game that is kinda like Twister with words. I dominated, I can't lie.

Taking a breather after the game.

The beautiful location where we played.

The big spread!

Body Boggle-everyone should own this game. Even my mom got down on the floor with me!

Finally, of course, we watched the Holy War on that Saturday. At my house, I was outnumbered by BYU fans (my family all came over after we went to see Twilight,) but in the end it didn't matter! The Utes not only prevailed, but kicked their trash! And a note-Amie was wearing a nice red U! (I just failed to get a picture of it before she spit all over it.) GO UTES!