Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our summer in a photo nutshell

Here's a small glimpse of what we've been up to since about May or so.

 OK, this was in March, but I never got to mention that we took a quick trip up to Minnesota for my nephew, Jayden's baptism.  We had a blast - we love and miss those cousins!  Carson loved his one ride at the Mall of America.
 The girls finished up dancing season.  They were adorable as Belle and Cinderella.

Working... but at least I have sweet co-workers!

 Amie's cute end of the year program at Challenger.
 Finding out about baby #4!
 Playing outside!
 Watching Baby Liam! (We miss you!)
 And let's not forget a quick trip to the Delta house with our awesome friends, the Benzon's! The toy handcuffs were a big hit all around, and Carson loves the girls as much as they all love him!
 A fun family hike on the 24th.
 Marching (or being pulled) in the Children's parade.
And finally, our friends Jim and Becky got married.

I'm sure there were a thousand other things that happened worth mentioning, but that's all you're getting outta me!  I need my pregnancy sleep! Good night!