Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ready for the cutest things you'll ever see?

These are 3 of the cutest pictures I've ever seen in my lifetime. (Nevermind that they all happen to be of MY daughter.)

...and NOT part of the "cutest" motif, but recent. Here's my 31 weeks photo, though I'm now at 32 weeks, unbelievable! Number 2 certainly goes by faster than number 1!! I was thinking that I am much bigger this time around, but upon examination of past pictures, it looks like I am just barely past where I was through my first pregnancy, and that is heartening! (Can you say 'that's heartening?' It's the opposite of DISheartening, whatever that is.) Though, I am already lengthening a stretch mark or two-Boo. Things continue to go well - I am in 2 week visits now, and all my diabetes and other tests have been normal. Alisa is seriously the wiggliest thing ever! She keeps me awake, or moves my whole body with her kicks and rolls. Looks like her and Amie will both be dancing queens. I can't wait!

Meanwhile... 5 days 'til Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dancing Queen!

Here's just a tiny snippet of Amelie's moves. It's actually very short and mellow compared to her usual dancing escapades, but it's the only video we have so far. This is while watching the kids perform at the Festival of Trees.
She just can't hold still while there's a good tune on!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More long lost photos and missing events.

Here are just a few pics of Amie's bday at my mom's (her FIRST experience with being given a cake to devour.)

Also, I really don't have much visual draw for Thanksgiving, but it was still a pretty fun weekend. Thursday, I got up too early to go to Kmart-they were having a THURSDAY sale, including cameras, and I wanted to have one for the weekend, so I went, figuring when could I get a better deal to replace old flatty? So I got up and waited just a few minutes in line, got the camera I wanted (barely) and then found some super scores on girls' clothes for Amie. When I got home, we watched the parade and cooked a bit, then went to Grantsville for TG with Jeff's fam. There were tons of people there, and TONS of food. We had a great time, and played the 3 dollar game. (I predicted the winner, too, a visitor ALWAYS gets the big pot! I agree with you, Marcie, I think we should limit players to family!) After heading home (with a tupperware of leftovers) we went to bed and Jeff went to work.
The next morning, I was glad I got the camera I wanted, so I didn't have to fight the crowds. I usually enjoy the shopping, but didn't need really anything I saw on sale, so I was glad to sleep in and hang out. We then went to a TG party with my big family, junk food style. We had 3 different kinds of wings, various sides and about 6 billion cookies, as well as lots of games. It was really excellent to see so much of the family-almost everyone was there! After we went home, Jeff went to work again, poor guy. When he got home, he was just too spent to go out, so we hung at home til the big game. I have to say, I'm sad Utah lost, but by the end of hour 4, I just wanted it to end either way!

In the days since, we have finished all our Christmas shopping (Yay and Nay! I actually love Christmas shopping) and have been rehearsing for this year's production of the Messiah. Jeff and I both have some solos, and we love the amazing music. We'll be performing Sunday the 13th at the Taylorsville Stake house (where we had our wedding reception) at 7pm. You should come! I already performed in the Taylorsville City production last night-that one is shorter and more casual. I am also hosting a cookie exchange this week, and my sister Jaimie will be coming to live with us during her winter break from school. This past week and this next week are the craziest for us, then the next 3 are wide open. I think people always want to stay away from doing anything too close to the holidays, but for me it just makes a crazy start to the month!

Jeff got the "back to normal" stamp from the orthopedist this week. This makes me happy and sad. I like having him home on his nights off, but I'm sure he'll be back to ball! Alisa is cooking along just as she should-somehow it totally snuck up on me-only 10 weeks left! That is so crazy. Life only moves faster and faster as you gain more reasons to want to savor it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I recovered the photos from the dead camera, so here is just a beginning of what has been missing. *The camera got run over during trick or treating, so no pics of mom and dad. I was a bandit (I wore a real gun, sshhh) and Jeff was a price is right watcher... ask him about it. ;)

The three faces of Amelie at Halloween:
Giraffe (for trick or treating in the cold)
Ballerina (for family party)
Witch (for witches night out)

Mom and Dad-bitter rivals... sort of
Family rivals shot (Amie's 4th costume!)
helping get messy
the incredibly creative finished product

More to come!