Monday, October 24, 2011

Amelie's 3rd Birthday - Strawberry Shortcake!

We had Amelie's birthday party on the 15th at a park near our home. We decided somewhere along the line to go with a Strawberry Shortcake theme. (There were 2 other themes in contest, but BOTH of them were used by relations in months before, but I think it turned out just perfect for her.) Thank goodness I had lots of family help, cause you know I can't throw a party with everything bought from the store! It was a pretty good time, and I'll save you the long commentary for once, but I made up for it with a ridiculously long photo-cataloguing. Enjoy!

The Thematics:

Strawberry Shortcake!

Face Paint!

The Food:
"Raspberry Torte's Punch"

"Blueberry Muffin's Fruit Pizzas"

"Orange Blossom's Chicken"

"Strawberry Shortcake's Kabobs"

The Cake:

The Favor (cookie pops, which I completely forgot to give out until most people were long gone...):

The Pinata!:

Jeff was a trooper and held the pinata when we couldn't find anything strong enough.

The Gifts:

The Bike!:

The People:

It was weird, at the end this giant horde of seagulls came and just hovered...