Monday, March 30, 2009

You got the pictures, now the words.

What have we been up to lately? Nothing too exciting, really. Jeff is finally on his own at work for real. He is loving it, though his shift is sometimes a little boring (I think that's a great thing.) He's working days, but Fri-Mon, with Tues-Thurs off. It's sad having him gone all weekend, and it gets us both really confused on the days. The great thing is that he's home by 4:30 everyday and that he gets to use his lunch break to go to church on Sundays! I'm really proud of him.

Amelie is now almost 18 pounds, yay! She gains like crazy, but still is a bit small (relatively.) She is almost 5.5 months now, and just fitting into her 3-6 mo clothes. She's laughing a ton now, and almost sitting up on her own. She still falls lots. She has been sleeping all the way through the night now, about 4 nights a week. It is amazing!!! As for solid foods, she LOVES them! (I guess solid is a relative term, though, right?) French fries and anything tomato are her favorite... but then, everything that goes in her mouth is her favorite. EXCEPT baby cereal, of course. One thing that I am particularly excited about lately in the Amie arena, is that she just had a cousin be born, AND has 3 friends on the way! Lots of our close friends and family are pregnant, or were, and I love it! It feels very conspicuous being the only one with a new baby.

As for me, I'm pretty much just living life. I'm cooking with my dad, who's starting up a food business, and I catered a 2-day film shoot for my mom. (Perhaps my next endeavor will be culinary school-I can't stop at one thing!) Otherwise, I'm just playing with my daughter and wishing my house was cleaner! Life's good!

Long-needed update... sort of.

Here's a little (or a lot) of what we've been up to lately, mostly Amelie, of course!

I took Amie down the slide at the park for the first time-you can see how much she liked it! (We've been numerous times since, and sometimes she loves it, sometimes she hates it.)

We went to the Zoo on one of their free Wednesdays, and it was packed with moms with young kids! Luckily, we got to go as a family and Auntie Mal came, too.

While watching TV, Jeff and Amie looked EXACTLY alike, but once I got out the camera, Jeff started to laugh cause he knew why I was taking a picture. It ruined the twin-ness, but there's still a resemblance.
Daddy and Amie-They're buddies.

These are from our cousin, Chad's wedding. She will NEVER smile when the camera's out!

These were the attempts to get all the cute girls, but we could never get them all working at the same time!

Here are a few from her first few times eating solid foods in her high chair. She never gets very messy, cause she always grabs her bib and wipes her mouth. It's super cute!

Here are a few of Amie's new favorite spot-her jumperoo!

These are from her favorite walker AND eating. What was that I was saying about not getting messy?