Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nothing much.

So, there really hasn't been a ton of news, but I feel the need to add to the blog since it's been a few weeks.

The biggest drama in my life right now has to do with graduation. Yeah, that was supposed to be awhile ago, right? I wanted to wait to expel all the glorious details until I was closer to resolution, but it still appears as if that may be awhile. At any rate, I hate talking about it, so here's the short version. Basically, through lack of communication (vastly not my fault) we missed the paperwork deadlines for summer graduation. I was not even aware of this until my Master's Committee Chair called me an hour and a half before the tuition and class add deadline for fall, asking if I was registered. (Apparently you must be registered for a minimum of 3 hrs in your last semester.) Let's not forget to mention that 3 hours (of nothing) would cost me $1200. Needless to say I was quite taken off guard, upset, and not to mention unable to produce $1200 in an hour. He apparently wanted me to apply then, and when I said I couldn't he said to apply for a leave of absence and do it in Spring. Also not really an option for me. After many phone calls and emails and meetings and discussion of options, I have my final meeting set for next week to sign papers, and then we appeal that my paperwork count retroactively for summer. I am so grateful this is where I am at the moment... Although there is no guarantee it'll happen. But enough about that, I don't like thinking about it.

Jeff has been getting worked to death, most of it fun, not always. He spent a week at the shooting range in Park City doing firearms, then a week at the EVO course by Camp Williams (emergancy vehicle operation??) driving cars and doing pursuits. I think it was nice for him to get a break from the classroom routine, but it's killing our gas bill! He'll now go shooting for training one day a week. Of course, they still do lots of defensive tactics, physical training and legal junk. He's now past the half-way mark, and currently graduation is set for November 26th. (Although this changes to various dates in November almost weekly.) Either way, he's only got about 8 or 9 weeks left! Then, he'll move to Field training, where he'll train with all different departments and different shifts. That should wreak havoc on his sleep schedule. :) Finally, in April (after the grand tour) he'll be off and in his own car... who knows what area or shift?

As for Amelie, she's quite the active little girl and still seems to be developing exactly according to schedule. If all keeps going well, she'll be here in under 7 weeks! I can't believe we're finally getting closer. It has seemed long, but I never thought the day would come! Her bedroom is pretty much ready for her, too. (We have been generously stocked with furniture and clothing from all sorts of sources!) We did a registry for the shower because there are so many things we don't really need. Really the things left missing are a crib mattress, high chair, diaper genie (I wish,) and bottles... diapers... a pedicure for mom... :) Just kidding. We've been really REALLY blessed to have so much come our way-if it was left all to our budget, she'd be sleeping in a drawer, wearing onesies made out of my old t-shirts!

Thanks to all who have helped us out with buying/gathering baby stuff!!
Stay tuned for some more exciting news.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anniversary and other stuffs

Jeff and I went to Denver for our Anniversary weekend. Why Denver, you ask? We say why not? We needed to go somewhere close, as I can no longer fly, and found a great deal there. All it takes is a bit of research and anywhere is my favorite vacation spot. We had a great time!
We left super-early on Saturday morning (by car,) stopping at Winter Park on our way there (for mini-golf, human maze, scenic chairlift rides, Alpine slides.) After our mountain fun, we grabbed lunch at Chedd's-it's a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant, and it was amazing! Then, we went to the Denver temple, but Jeff left his recommend, of course. So, we settled for a few pictures outside before finally heading to our hotel. We went for a nice swim and had the pool to ourselves. After a much-needed nap, we went to this restaurant, Texas de Brasil, it's like Rodizio or Braza, though slightly more upscale. Well, since they have a set dinner price, there is no menu. I wanted to ask about the price, but never did. Well, we ate and enjoyed it thoroughly. They had all the unlimited skewered meats, as well as a bar of sides. This one also happened to have an amazing cheese bar that was very French and very delicious. When it came check time, we were quiet unpleasantly surprised by the price of our dinner-it was MORE THAN DOUBLE what we had planned! (It happened to include $13 worth of drinks... the waitress conveniently refilled our drinks without telling us that EVERY refill cost extra.) I hate to say it, but that was one of the worst tips I ever gave. It would have been a great tip on what we expected to pay for dinner. Sad experience.
Sunday, we went to church, then the zoo. It was a great zoo and we had a great time, but I was SO hot, it completely wiped me out big time. We had to go home for another nap after that. That night, we ate at the Aquarium Restaurant (luckily this one was less than we planned.) It was a really fun place surrounded by huge aquariums with giant fish, sharks, barracuda. Food was delicious, too. The next morning, we took our time getting up, eating and heading out. We took a more scenic route home via I70 and US6, which was worth it I think. We listened to 2 books on tape during the drive, and I worked on a blanket for Amelie. Jeff was such a trooper-he did all the driving both ways! Thanks, bud!

Denver temple... from the outside, of course.

Jeff spent lots of time hanging with the gorillas at the zoo, so I made him squish in for a picture.

Denver Aquarium

At the Aquarium Restaurant... Which took a bit of time to find... (check out my zoo sunburn.)

We drive a slightly longer route to get the beautiful scenery. (8 hrs through Wyoming is torture.)

Jeff got me a third ring to go with my bridal set-it's gorgeous! (I know you can't really see it.)

Winter Park, the pretty Colorado Ski Resort we visited.

Havin a blast!

The scenic chairlift ride.
The beautiful view from 10,000 feet up.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a nieces and nephews sleepover at our house, with all the kids from both sides (2 and up, that is.) It was really fun, but it made me glad that I don't have 8 kids between 2 and 9. We made pizzas and ice cream sundaes, Jeff took them out to play hide and seek, watched movies, and slept slayed across the living room (I was in my bed, of course.) Then the morning held chocolate chip pancakes and EARLY pick up. :)

New inseperable buddies.

Enthused? She slept the most.

Yay for the swing set-it doesn't get much use from Jeff and me.

Chocolate chip pancakes... on faces

And more swing set. Thank goodness Jeff had the energy to play with them outside-they couldn't get enough!