Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jeff's Birthday and Father's Day

Our Jeffrey is a shining star in our little family, our extended families and, I gather, in his workplace as well.  I can't imagine this crazy life without him and I am the luckiest girl in the world!

For his birthday, we went out for dinner the night before at the Chef's Table (yum!) and a movie.  The next day, we went golfing, lunch, dinner with his family.  He's pretty laid back, so it was a chill time.  From us, Jeff got a new TV.  We've had a tiny 13 inch tube in our house since the girls used our other as a drum.  He was so surprised, that was the best part!  He and I are not the best at keeping secrets from each other. 
Then for Father's Day, we ate at Chili's the night before with the gift card he got, I made him cinnamon roll pancakes, then a book, some family pics for his desk, and other little things from the girls from church, etc.  We also got to see both of our dads and spend time.
We sure love you Jeff!

On change

Recently, there has been quite a significant amount of upheaval in the world of Nikki North. I sought/accepted an RT job at LaEuropa Academy - a treatment center where I used to work as a staff.  Right in the midst of getting set up with this, I was... rather strongly encouraged to apply for a full time opening at the U Hospital where I sometimes fill in.  I debated over this for weeks and weeks and finally decided to go for it.  It would be sort of like a fast track to acheiving some bigger goals of mine and my family's. SO, I accepted that job as well.  Within around a week, I went from working perhaps once a month to working a full time job, plus a part time job.  On top of this, my sister started working and both of us needed child care and it just so happens we were able to work it out to swap.  SO, on my "days off" (Mon and Tues) I tend my 4 month old nephew, Liam (while she has all kids Wed, Thur, Jeff has them Fri, and respective dads have their kids on Sat.)
At this same time, Jeff and I both got released from our callings (EQ President and YW 1st Coun.) and put us in as 11 year old scout leaders.  This was both a blessing and a bit of burden too.  It was less involvement for both of us, at a time when things got crazy, but jumping into something new has been a big adjustment, even if it is less time commitment (especially for me - I know nothing about scouts!)
We now also have the kids home all the time for summer with no dance class, performances and preschool to run around to.
I also happen to be turning thirty this summer (WAH!), and so we planned a big family trip to Florida to do all the parks and everything. Which means we're planning and saving for that.
AND in the midst of all this, we are wanting to get out of our little bitty house.  We have pursued some options, but we have yet to jump in with both feet and really go for it.  Everytime I think about trying to get (and especially KEEP) my house show-ready I just get so overwhelmed on top of everything else.  So, thus far, it has been the one thing to keep floating to the backburner.
Usually, I thrive on change - I seek excitement and the novelty of changing it up.  However... too much of a good thing, you know?  I have generally enjoyed being at work, I just feel like I am missing so much of my children's lives and I am no longer the maestro of our family.  It is crazy.  It's a good lesson in letting go of control for me, but some things fall to the wayside.  I even ended up visiting the hospital with days-long chest pain that turned out to be nothing (ie, probably stress-induced.)

After all that, though, I am very grateful for an opportunity to stock up on work hours (for advancing my licensure) and monies (for advancing our living situation.)  We just have to muscle through the fatigue, piles of laundry and missed family time. To everything, there is a season...