Tuesday, September 28, 2010

International Peace Gardens

For one of our recent FHE's, we went and took a walk around the Peace Gardens. If you haven't been there (and can) you should definitely go. It was built for the Olympics and I think it's impressive. It's just a park, but it is huge and divided into various countries. We love going there and just taking our time strolling through.


My sweeties.

Hanging out.

Her third love.

Hazy double slide!

Yeah, she's... cupping... the mermaid.

She just reached over and picked a gorgeous flower... then ate it!



-Playing-that girl has an endless reservoir of energy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Be Well Utah

The University Hospital hosts a wellness fair every year, and though I wanted to go, we were very pleasantly surprised at how much fun we all had. We had SO much food and actually had to leave before we did all we wanted. There were cooking demonstrations, a billion health food samples, fitness classes, lunch, raffles, toys/activities/samples/gifts at every booth, balloon artists, recipes and of course, tons of great information.

Mommy and Amie twinners!

Ready to go!

She's got all the gear a dolly mommy needs.

Showing off her pretty bracelet, who's beads change color in the sun-reminding us to put on sunblock!

Brushing a little pony!! She loved this.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Book Babies at Barbecues

We had a Saturday a while back where we had a Police BBQ during lunch and a Ward BBQ at dinner. (That's a lotta hot dog for one day!) During lunch at Jordan Park, a freak torrential rainstorm broke out! I got soaked, and Amie was none-too-happy, but Dad and baby were safely waiting under the pavilion for us to get their food.


There are lots of story times around here, so we try to go as much as we can (which is not near enough.) They even have "Book Baby" which is meant for little little ones. We go and hear stories, play with bubbles (the fave) and Amie gets to sing lots of the songs she already knows from Nursery. This is one of my favorite free things to do with the girls (if only it wasn't at 10 am!)

This is after the BB at the Anderson-Foothill Library-she was sure Clifford was for riding. She took him everywhere!

These are in "the Attic" at the City Library downtown. She and this monster were playing nigh night on the stairs (this is currently her favorite game.) Of all the cute little stuffed animals in the attic, she picked this green monster to mother and love!!

Random cuties from home and other places:

Alisa usually needs lots of help falling asleep, but every now and then, you look down and...

Amelie found mommy's makeup. :) You can't see so well, but she's even got eye shadow! Boofull!

Just SOOO close to crawling. She moves around a bunch but it isn't exactly intentional.

This was at the Provo hospital. She was amazingly good for being there about 12 hours.
Gramma love!
Choco face at Gma's.

No name for that face.