Saturday, August 22, 2009

Um.... (part 2)

So it's been a while since i've had the courage to venture out into the blogaverse. Pretty much a ton has happened since last time I wrote something. I've worked a whole bunch, like work go to court then go back to work only to go to court right after work then back to work then work a part time and now finally I'm home. Nikki is looking super cute as the old pregnancy develops. She is also working as a full time mom for our darling little Amelie who has learned a ton of new tricks, including pointing to her head (on command) clicking her tounge, standing more, trying to hide things when I try and take them from her, and putting the phone up to her ear. Work is going good working glendale (with all the gangsta foos) and loving it. That's pretty much it from me.
Peace out ya'll

My 26th!

This is pretty much how I felt for the entire span of birthday events.

So, my birthday encompassed a few days again this year, and again we spent too much money. For me, it started Friday, when Jeff came home and made me a HUGE breakfast. He brought a doughnut as a starter to keep me tied over. Then he made triple berry muffins, pancake sandwiches with eggs, ham and syrup, and hashbrowns. (He doesn't even really like eggs or hashbrowns... or muffins come to think of it.) He also gave me one present that morning, a book called Fatally Flaky-I've already read it and love it! It was super sweet, I know he was planning it for a long time.

So, then, Saturday the 1st, the real day, I went to sister breakfast at Mimi's Cafe again. (I'd been wanting to try Cracker Barrel breakfast, but my sister threw up last time she was there so no cigar.) I had brie crepes with hollandaise-good, but the broccoli was a little overpowering. I love Mimi's! It's french, but not so authentically french that you have no idea what to order there.

Then, I came home and spent some time with Jeff and Amelie, and opened some more presents. (Jeff was going to make me open one after every meal, but he gets too excited about surprises, so I got them all then.) He got me a cute watch, the movie Alex and Emma, a gorgeous little cube with the Christus etched into the middle and a coupon book from Amie. They were for things like 30 minutes of mommy time, courtesy of the Daddy Corporation. Pretty darn awesome. After that, we got ready and went to lunch at Zupa's and Chris joined us. Jeff wasn't over-the-top about going there but ended up really liking it. Since I was dying in the August heat in my AC-less car, we then went to find me some shorts to wear, and Chris offered to take me shopping for my birthday present. I ended up getting 3 shirts and a pair of shorts-my husband can't say no to himself when it comes to me. I love them all, though, so I'm pretty excited. From there, Chris took Amie home with her and Jeff and I had a few hours to kill before our dinner reservation. We got a small ice cream from Baskin Robbins and saw Monsters vs. Aliens at the dollar theater. Cute. ( I think I actually nodded off once, though. Prego can't make it through a whole day of on-the-go without a nap. From the movie, we went to our dinner reservation at Franck's. Most people don't know it exists, it's just around back of the Tuscany. The chef (Franck) is french and changes the menu-daily, if he wants. It was AMAZING. Like, really. My description won't even come close. We got french bread and a cheese plate for appetizer. Delicious, but there was one pretty moldy cheese that Jeff and I didn't finish. Then, I had the house salad and Jeff got the soup-Peach with goat cheese. I know, so weird, but it was literally the best soup I ever had! Our entrees were late, so they brought us a "palate cleanser" of lemon sorbet. Then our food came-Jeff got the peach soy brined chicken and lobster with pea purree and fried cauliflower, I got the pulled pork, beef and veal meatloaf with lavender-berry sauce and mashed potatoes (I left the asparagus alone. Still can't eat it.) They were beyond description. When Jeff tried his chicken, he immediately said "wow" and I actually thought to myself "Wow? That's all you got? And can it be that fantastic?" Then I tasted it, and before I realized it I immediately said "wow." It was almost like butter it was so perfectly cooked. And you can't even think of my meatloaf as anywhere in the ballpark of regular meatloaf. I highly encourage everyone in the world to eat there. Bring 70 bucks, though, at least. We got desserts-Jeff a chocolate tart and me the carrot cake-it was inside a cocoon of tall white-milk swirled chocolate shell with strawberries on top. I wanted to explode of course, but enjoyed every minute of it.

Of course, dinner on Sunday with the fam, and I got my requested homemade lasagna and a brownie-ice cream cake. (My mom is so creative, talented and tolerant when it comes to birthday cake requests.) Another excellent birthday meal! (There was also great sickness in my life that day, but we will not dwell on it.)
Monday was dinner with my in-laws fam. Homemade chowder bowls and chocolate cheesecake. Mmm!
Finally, on Wednesday, we went to the touring Cirque du Soleil show, Saltimbanco. I love Cirque and want to see all their shows. (Only 3 so far.) I thought it might not be as good as the others I've seen, cause what could they set up and take down over and over? It wasn't as flashy as La Nouba or Mystere, but it was still wonderful! To think what some people can do with just a few juggling balls (or 7.) Plus, the dancing, singing, acrobatics, mimery (best mime I've ever seen!) it was just perfect and Jeff loved it too, his first Cirque show.

And now, if you made it this far, you deserve an award! Many thanks to all who contributed to another great birthday!