Thursday, May 1, 2014

Acey Baby's first 3 months

Acelynn is just over three months old now and it is flying by! Life is definitely crazy with 4 kids, but I am truly doing my darnedest to savor these little baby moments, cause this sweet one is my last. It is hardest to remember at around 4 am when she wants to get up, but... it is actually nice snuggle time where there is no one else tugging on me, and nothing waiting to be cleaned or cooked.
I only really had that not-even-close-to-enough-sleep-delirium phase for a few weeks.  Jeff is great at helping get up with her at night once he can bottle feed her (I was only able to nurse her for about 2 weeks) and then she got a pretty decent schedule going.  For the past few weeks she has actually been sleeping from around 9 or 10 until 5 or 6.  I can not complain about that!  She'll still occasionally wake but will go back to sleep after a bottle.
Ace had some good solid laughs at 2 months, but we have a hard time recreating them and I have never been able to record them. It seems she will only tickle once, then just stares at you amused-like. She can hold her head up well and is just barely starting to tolerate sitting in the bumbo chair or laying on the baby play mat for a few minutes at a time.  She's got an adorable smile she likes to show you when you talk to her, and has really amped up her spit-up abilities in the last month, yuck.  At her two month appointment, she was average for height, in the 50's, but only 17th percentile for height!  Short and chubby.  She's definitely a chunker.

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