Thursday, November 6, 2014

Amelie's Bowling Birthday

My Amie Jo turned 6 this year - it's blowing my mind!  In some ways she does feel more mature and advanced, but mostly, she seems like my little 5 pound nugget that just came home from the hospital.
She wanted to do a bowling birthday party this year (no idea where that came from, but no complaints here.)  She got to invite 5 friends and she picked Alisa on her own, despite having an agonizingly long list to choose from.  The others were twins in her class (Charlotte and Audrey,) a girl she described as liking but never getting to play with because so many other kids come and play with Amie more loudly (Layla) and the boy she likes (Gavin.)  Gavin's mom told us that they would be out of town during the party and that he was devastated!  He brought Amie a present at school.  So, Amelie invited another girl from church who was split out of class with all the other girls her age (Clover.)  Even her choices of party attendees make me so proud and remind me how blessed I am to have her.

We went to Big City Bowl and had a blast!  The 6 kids got to bowl, but by about frame 6, they were struggling so we had an open presents break, then bowled some more, then a pizza break, then bowled, then a cupcake break with intermittent bowling.  At the end of 2 hours, we finally finished the 1 game. :)  We had pink and black bowling ball cupcakes, pink and black balloons, and Amelie got some wonderful presents from her friends and later at home with family.  That evening, we had the family over for cake and ice cream, and they always have a blast! Plus, that night for her birthday dinner, she chose Olive Garden - score!

I, again, lost birthday pictures with my stolen phone, but here are the few I salvaged.

 Layla was in love with Acee Babe.

The whole crew!  Not looking, of course.

Lots of little-girl-fun happening.

The girl of honor, being all big and 6!

There was an abundance of bumpers and ramps going on.

Adoring every present as she opened it.

Our Amelie is such a joy!  She is an excellent helper, loves to get Acee out of the bassinet in the mornings and play wither her, she is so so smart and loves Alisa and Carson specially, too.  She is constantly loving and snuggling me.  Lately, her favorite things include drawing and writing (art of all kinds,) turkey or roast beef and cheese sandwiches, Caesar salad, chocolate, riding the scooter she got for her birthday and an Australian mermaid tv show.  Her latest obsessions are growing her hair long and doing extra chores for money to put in her piggy bank.  She also got her first loose tooth on her birthday - she said "It's like my body is giving me a present!"  It hasn't come out yet though!

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