Thursday, November 6, 2014

That Periodic Randomness

I got so behind on the blog, that now I have to do one requisite photo dump post so that I don't get bogged down in trying to blog every little thing, and never actually do anything.
 Summer parades!

Our Grahamster the hamster passed away last week.  He went in to hibernation, and since Hamsters aren't built for that, it was his demise. The girls were extremely sad for about... 16 minutes.  They wrote him love notes and we buried him in the backyard.

Messy boy - as usual!
 Cutie miss!  Not this small anymore.
 Family outing - Grizzlies game!
 Our life for the past year - finishing the basement by ourselves... now that has been a bit by bit endeavor...
 Baby belly!
 Visit from Liam and Mal - we hit the waterpark.

We're always finding surprise pictures on our phones that the kids took... like this one!

My mother's day present!  I've wanted a swing forever and spent many summer mornings on it with my babe.

Ruth's Chris in Park City for Jeff's 30th birthday.  It was an awesome evening!  We spent the night there in one of our condos and I had a surprise hot air balloon ride scheduled but it was too windy. :(

Pushing them on their little cars with the stroller.  They thought it was the best thing ever!

Amie's first report card, aw!  She did great!

Not happy.  Not happy at all!

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