Thursday, November 6, 2014

Carson man's 2nd birthday!

The duder turned 2 in September - so crazy. All the games and food and party details pictures were taken on my phone, which of course, was stolen... Sigh. :(  But Jeff got all the presents, so those pictures survived!

We threw a Frozen party, as he is the biggest Frozen fan in our house - he particularly loves Summer (his name for Olaf) and so most of the stuff was themed after him.  We sent do you wanna build a snowman invitations, ate "We finish each others' Sandwiches", "ice blocks" (blue jello cubes), "Sven's carrots", "Olaf's snowballs" (marshmallows), aurora borealis juice and Anna and Elsa's Chocolate (fondue, with all the dippers!)  The cake was a beach with Olaf laying on it. Out in the back yard, we played pin the nose on Olaf and had ice block races. It was a fun party.

At 2 years old, Carson is very energetic, running and jumping just about everywhere he goes.  He loves chasing after his older sisters and gets very concerned for his younger sister when she is unhappy.  He is momma's shadow and wants to snuggle me every night.  His favorites are cheese sticks and spaghetti, Animal Mechanicals and Bo on the Go, "rolling down the hill" (our driveway), and Frozen of course.   He is just starting to sleep in his car bed some nights... let's get him out of that crib! He is average tall/heavy in his measurements and still wakes once at night. He is very sweet and happy, we all love him to pieces.

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